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   Chapter 466 Morning, My Lovely Wife

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Daisy felt safe and comfortable as long as Edward was around. The faint jasmine scent on his body reassured her that he was there and she could rely on him no matter what happened. This was what love felt like.

When the first morning light quietly came through the curtains, Daisy opened her eyes to find that Edward was affectionately watching her sleep. She rubbed her bleary eyes and gave him a faint smile.

"Morning, honey. Didn't you sleep at all?" Daisy asked. Now that she was awake, she didn't have to worry about touching his wound accidentally. She got into his arms, immersed in the familiar feelings his embrace gave her.

"Morning, my lovely wife. You were drooling. Be careful with the saliva on the corners of your mouth. My clothes might get stained." Edward hadn't slept since Daisy fell asleep. He had been watching her sleeping. His eyes hadn't left her even when the nurse came in to change the drip. The affectionate light in his eyes had made the nurse envious and wish she were the one he had been gazing at.

It made sense. After all, Edward was the ideal lover of the women in the entire city. All of them dreamed of being treated that way. At that moment, he looked at the woman beside him so gently and attentively it was an image beyond words.

"Drooling? No way!" Daisy was doubtful about his words, but she still wiped her mouth. When she found there was no saliva, she stared at Edward angrily. Damn it! She fell for his trick again. How could she have fallen for that since she had never drooled in her sleep?

"Aha, look at how silly you are, but I like it." Seeing his trick succeed, Edward laughed and kissed the corner of her mouth. At this moment, she wasn't aloof at all but adorable and delicate like an ordinary woman.

"Hey, can't you two be a little discreet? I don't have a girlfriend yet. How about thinking of my feelings when you behave so intimately?" Tom walked in suddenly without knocking the door. It seemed under Rain's influence he had lost all his manners.

"Um... morning, Tom, " Daisy said and jumped off the bed immediately, feeling her face burn with embarrassment. This was the second time Tom had caught them making out. Wishing there were a hole she could crawl into, she fled into the bathroom as fast as she could.

"Edward, what's up with Daisy? Am I that terrifying? Why is she avoiding me?" Tom asked, rubbing his head.

"Are the doors to the wards in your hospital just ornaments? Why didn't you knock? Why are you here so early?" Edward felt speechless at Tom's abrupt appearance. Daisy was shy, she was ashamed enough when Tom had caught them then and there, but Tom had to joke about it after that. Of course Daisy had run away from the embarrassing scene. Couldn't he see he had put Daisy on the spot?

"You think this is what I want? It's a ward round." Tom shrugged and ignored Edward's first question. He wasn't impolite, just

, he can have as much liquid food as he wants. Then semi-liquid food." Feeling the scorching stare behind, Tom paused to look at Edward and gave him a meaningful smile. Then he continued, "The trauma is usually enormous to the patients, so nutrients are essential for the healing and recovery. Food high in calories and vitamins will be recommended. Spicy food will only worsen the condition. That's all. I hope I have made it clear."

Tom felt his back sweat. These measures would help a lot with his recovery. Besides, Daisy had asked his advice, he couldn't refuse to answer her questions. Did Edward have to cast him those scary looks? He felt pressured.

"Oh, I'll remember them. Thank you, Tom." Daisy smiled faintly, thankful for his patience in giving detailed advice.

"Daisy, don't mention it. I should have told you about this earlier. Your thanks make me feel more embarrassed." Tom was drenched in sweat. He wished he hadn't come. He couldn't figure out why Edward was fixing his killer eyes on him? He was fidgeting.

Edward was still smiling mischievously. The intensive blue eyes were like a pool of deep water, his thoughts were well hidden under them, nothing revealed. Tom felt creepy, worried about what Edward might do to him next. He felt as if Edward were a god of plague around him, who was going to explode in anger anytime.

Edward kept thinking about the liquid diet Tom had mentioned. He was angrier about the diet than the exercise he had suggested. It made him look weak and delicate. It seemed Tom had really decided to treat him like a newborn baby. Did he really think he was so fragile that he needed to be "reborn" and start over after an injury? Or maybe this was just one of his practical jokes. If that was the case, he would like to cooperate, because it would make a perfect excuse for Edward to deal with him. Now that Tom had presented the excuse himself, it would disappoint him not to use it.

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