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   Chapter 465 Who Else Would You Want to Sleep With (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5165

Updated: 2018-11-13 01:33

Well, Edward admitted to himself that he was a bit chauvinistic most of the time, but that didn't make him an unreasonable man. He never forced his decisions on her, unless there was something that would harm her. And no matter how much Daisy enraged him, he would put up with it, and he never took it out on her. He took her as a challenge, one that he would slowly conquer with persistent efforts.

The next step required him to take care of a series of actions. First, he would teach Jessica and Hank a lesson for attacking Daisy. Then he would need to figure out a way to make Yakira turn herself in and confess what she had done to Grace. But he was also worried about Brian. Would Brian find the truth too harsh to absorb? He was so close to Daisy. The truth would break his heart. But that was something he couldn't avoid. After all, Daisy called the shots. In this scenario Edward was merely a projector that screened the truth.

Then Edward dragged his mind back to reality. He was getting completely ignored by Daisy. He had been staring at Daisy for so long, yet he didn't get a glimpse from her in return. Did that mean he was not as important as the work she was doing?

Now Edward shifted his eyes from Daisy to the blank ceiling. The first thing that ran through his head was that he must advise Tom to hang some interesting paintings on the ceiling so that people wouldn't feel as bored as he was feeling right now. At least they could stare at the pictures to kill time.

"What are you looking at? You seem so serious." Daisy

s as you. At least I don't worry about that." Daisy stopped deliberating and lay down beside him. But she was cautious. She kept a proper distance from him, particularly his left hand with the IV drip.

"Sleep tight. I'll be quiet." Edward soothed and caressed her hair. Edward knew that Daisy was madly in love with him, he could even determine this from her hair. She was aware that he liked women with long hair. That was why despite all the hassles she kept her long raven hair even in the military.

In his familiar arms, Daisy soon fell asleep as she was indeed exhausted. She had slept for less than four hours from the time Edward got shot to now.

"Lazy bug." Edward stroked her nose affectionately without any worry of an attack in return because she always slept like a log in his arms. She wouldn't wake up no matter how much he caressed her. But he was quite confused why Tom got slammed by her just for touching her. He needed to ask her and figure it out after she woke up. That way he would know her better.

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