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   Chapter 464 Who Else Would You Want to Sleep With (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5336

Updated: 2018-11-13 00:32

"It's quite possible. haha... My head feels dizzy. I should go back to sleep. Ciao." Tom said. Meanwhile, he was thinking, 'Now is the best time for me to escape. Otherwise, Edward might expose his intentions at any second. Who knows what kind of challenging task he would assign to me then? I must run off now in order to avoid all possible troubles.'

"What's the matter with him? Why did he run away so abruptly?" Daisy spotted Tom running and asked in confusion. She wondered if Edward's joke had scared him away.

"Just ignore him. It's quite possible that he has too much on his plate." Edward answered. But he didn't tell her the truth. The fact was that Edward was playing some psychological tactics with Tom. And Tom had lost the battle, so he fled. But Tom shouldn't have escaped in such a hurry. After all, Edward was still too weak to do anything to him.

"Would you like some water?" Daisy asked, getting over Tom's sudden sprint. She was not nosy. Since Edward said that nothing was wrong, she stopped further questioning.

"If you would feed me from your mouth, I would definitely love some more water." Edward put on a luscious smile. He loved the softness of Daisy's lips.

"Then I will pour you some water." Daisy smiled slyly and handed over a cup with a straw to Edward. Daisy had already seen through Edward's tricks -- he just wanted to take advantage of her. So she had prepared all daily necessities beforehand and caught Edward by surprise.

"No way, honey. Are you going to feed me water like this? It's so lame and sissy." Edward frowned in rejection. 'The reali

't come true. For a long while, he just heard the firm sound of tapping on the keyboard and nothing else. It totally shattered his confidence.

Perplexedly, he turned around and what he saw was quite a sight. Daisy was working intently. He had planned to get her attention, but now he didn't want to disturb her. It must be some urgent work, or else she wouldn't need to burn the midnight oil. But wasn't Daisy on vacation? How urgent was the task that she had to finish it now?

Daisy, on the other hand, noticed his stare, yet pretended not to see it. She continued her work, typing into the document her insights and the contrasting parameters of various weapons. Since there wasn't much left to be done, she decided to finish her work first before talking to Edward again.

Tick tock... Edward's eyes were fixed on Daisy. 'Tom must have applied some ointment on her face. That's why it's turning rosy now. Huh, Tom may not be reliable in other matters, but he is one hell of a doctor for sure. His treatment takes effect rather quickly.' Edward thought.

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