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   Chapter 463 An Overarm Throw (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5327

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Tom had a miserable look on his face. He moved Daisy's hand from the laptop -- a risky move -- but as soon as he touched her, what he had predicted came to pass. Before Tom could figure out what happened, he was slammed hard onto the ground by Daisy, who was sound asleep moments before. He looked amusing and pathetic. Even Edward was dumbstruck by Daisy's sudden move.

"Ah! It's you! Tom, I'm so sorry. It's just instinct. Are you okay?" Daisy pursed her lips, feeling guilty. She hurriedly reached out her hand to lift him up. She looked a little embarrassed.

"Huh! Daisy, are you trying to kill me? Even so, you should tell me beforehand, at least I can be mentally prepared." Tom rubbed his butt with his hand. His backside hurt, but this move was very unsightly, especially for a gentleman like Tom. His actions made Tom seem more like Rain, who was always frivolous.

"Sorry, I might be stressed and nervous recently. So I instinctively fought back at any sign of trouble. Next time if you see me asleep, don't try to touch me. Just try and get me to wake up by calling my name."

Daisy bit her lip and felt apologetic towards Tom, she wondered why he was here at this time. Did something happen to Edward?" Thinking of this possibility, Daisy immediately turned her head to Edward. When her eyes met with his blue eyes which showed a playful smile, she felt relieved. And this charming look made her heart beat slower.

"Daisy, it's all Edward's fault. I was asleep in my office, and was suddenly awakened by the nurse. Edward sent her to fetch me. He might have been bored afte

ay?" Edward didn't become angry, on the contrary, he smiled. But the underlying meaning behind the smile made Tom feel nervous.

"You... What are you up to?" Hearing Edward's words, Tom was frightened. He didn't know what was on Edward's mind. He feared that he was up to something, maybe threatening him again. Edward was a cunning guy. And Tom was overwhelmed by the depths of Edward's cunning.

"You see, I'm lying on the bed, what do you think I can do to you?" Edward's smile became more unfathomable. He looked gentle on the surface with the smile, but the more he smiled to him, the more Tom felt his blood freeze. He was positive that he was right and this was a bad thing. Edward was up to something.

So before Edward announced his plan, Tom thought it was safer for him to run away. Many people might be cheated by his gentle, kind and innocent face, Tom knew that Edward was sly. Edward could make him break down only by using psychological tactics. And Tom was not inclined to continue to stay here and take the risk of being tortured by him.

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