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   Chapter 461 A Burnt Child Dreads The Fire (Part Two)

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"Yes, tomorrow is the deadline. But you don't have to submit it in the morning. You can do it in the afternoon and submit it before the end of day." Was Mark a slacker? Not necessarily! He sometimes liked to find the loopholes in things just like he did right now. Anyway, there were no constraints about the exact time of submitting the file, so one could just consider the last minute to be the deadline. He was not lazy at work. It's just that they did not specify the deadline.

"No. There are probably tons of things I need to manage after I reach the army base tomorrow." Daisy continued her work while she was talking to Mark. Her fingers kept swiftly typing on the keyboard. She wasn't the lazy kind. Although she knew what Mark had said was right, she was also aware of the fact that she hadn't gone to the army base for quite a long time and there would be tons of work accumulated for her. She would have no time for this document because she'll have to look over those things first. So she discerned that it would be better to finish the document tonight when she had some free time! Or else she would be running around all day long tomorrow.

"But Colonel, didn't you ask for two days' leave? There's still one day remaining. If you are going to work tomorrow, who'll take care of Mr. Mu?" Mark looked at Daisy with a puzzled expression. He heard it when Mr. Gu spoke to the commander and asked for two days' leave for Daisy. Wasn't it a loss if she went to work tomorrow?

"It's fine. I'll manage. I don't have to go to the army base, but this file needs to be sent back to the base tomorrow anyway. It's just a matter of time. You can just go home and take a rest!" Daisy raised her eyes and took a look at Edward. She was the last person to leave him alone and go to work. But Daisy was a soldier. When there was a conflict between th

t beside him. What would happen when she was away from him at the army base? She knew she would struggle to concentrate on her work if she went to the office tomorrow!

It was almost 4 o'clock in the morning. Edward woke up again. He had fallen into a deep sleep and felt quite comfortable after waking up. So when he opened his shining blue eyes, he had already recovered himself. He felt fresh as usual. There was no tiredness on his handsome face anymore.

He raised his eyes and saw his adorable and dainty wife sleeping face down. The wrinkles on his forehead that Daisy had tried to smooth down appeared again. He tried to move his body slightly, but he found he was too weak to move. Now he finally understood why his wife had said he was in no position to bully others. It was indeed proving to be true! He couldn't even turn over to his side, let alone touch her from the bed.

He couldn't move. But he could not bear watching Daisy sleeping in such an uncomfortable position. He had no alternative. He took back his pride and pressed the bell near the head of the hospital bed to call the staff. He was worried that if he didn't do anything his beloved wife would have severe pain all over her body after she woke up.

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