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   Chapter 460 A Burnt Child Dreads The Fire (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6466

Updated: 2018-11-12 02:04

"Don't worry! He won't blame you. Don't cry, okay? Or else you'll look messy." Tom wiped the tears on her cheek with his fingertips. Anyone could get mad at this little girl except Edward. Before Daisy and Justin stepped into his life, Edward had doted on her every single day. It seemed to be a daily chore and a necessity. Edward loved her a lot. It was impossible for him to blame her from his heart.

"Really? He won't be disappointed with me? Can you promise that?" Leena sniffed. She was not sure whether Tom was telling the truth or not. She was so concerned about this that she even ignored the word "messy".

"Yes, I promise you. Let's go! I'll drive you home." Tom smiled and lightly pinched her tiny nose. Her little nose had turned red because she had been crying. Leena looked really innocent. She was mischievous and guileful yet kind-hearted. That was why she was the apple of everyone's eye. Everyone loved her.

"Yes! Thank you, Tom." Leena immediately smiled through her tears as she felt comforted by Tom's promise. She was not the typical crying type. However, when she ran out today, she failed to hold back her tears because tons of emotions had emerged in her mind all of a sudden.

Kevin must have ignored her again! Otherwise, he would have called her by now. But the truth was that she didn't get any phone calls from him. Leena felt miserable, but she comforted herself somehow. After all, they had married each other without love, so it made sense that he didn't bother to call and ask about her whereabouts!

Soon they arrived at Leena's luxurious apartment. Leena said goodbye to Tom and then walked home. She felt that she was lacking courage to go home. So she slowed down. But no matter how slowly she walked, she arrived at her home. She turned on the light, knowing Kevin was not home. There was nothing but loneliness in this big room. Leena had to face it alone.

She cozily nestled herself

struggling to find any good reason for another vacation in such a short time. Besides, Edward was out of danger now. She couldn't continue to extend her leave of absence anymore.

"Colonel, here you are, have some coffee. You'll feel fresh." Mark stayed outside the room, watching TV. He couldn't leave before Daisy went to sleep because he was her aide, and was responsible for taking care of her well-being. So he went out and bought a cup of coffee seeing Daisy was still working so hard.

"Yeah! Thanks! Mark. Why are you still here? It's really late now. Didn't I tell you to go back home and take some rest? I just need you to pick me up tomorrow morning. I have some work at the office."

Daisy didn't realize it until now that he was still here. She frowned slightly, thinking that he had already gone home. It surprised her that he was still here.

"But Colonel, you are still working?" Mark stroked his head awkwardly. He smiled with compassion.

"No worries. You can just go home! I have to take care of this document. Tomorrow is the deadline." Daisy was fully dedicated to her job. So whenever her superiors gave her some job, she always tried to finish it as soon as possible no matter if it's urgent or not. Besides, she only needed to manage a document this time.

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