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   Chapter 459 All Is Fair in War (Part Two)

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But the next second, she was shocked by her own thoughts. What happened to her? Didn't she always enjoy being alone by herself? She could make her life fun on her own! How in the world did she suddenly get bored of the solitude that she had always been longing for? Where did the idea even come from? Leena tried to sort things out in her mind. She believed that she only married Kevin because he promised her absolute freedom to do whatever she wanted to, and he wouldn't stand in her way. However, as time went by and she got to know him better, she started to change her mind. The freedom she desired for the longest time seemed less appealing to her at the moment. Leena was baffled, because she had no idea why she would suddenly feel like this.

"Jerry, aren't you going back to fetch the medicine? You can swing by and drive Leena home." Leena might be naughty sometimes, but Edward always had a way with her. They had known each other for many years, and as her big brother, Edward knew well enough as to when he should encourage her with a treat and when he should be firm.

"Come on, Leena. We are both exiled by your dear brother Edward. Let's get out of here." Tom forced a bitter smile as he once again thought about the money that Edward should have paid him. Tom had planned to transfer Edward to this expensive VVIP ward so he could charge Edward a pretty penny even if he couldn't get back those invaluable medicines taken away by Edward; but it was likely that he would end up with neither the medicine nor the money. Depressed, Tom sighed heavily at the thought.

"I didn't say I want to go home now! Edward, how could you make decisions for me without even asking my opinion again? I don't like this! I'm not a child anymore; I can make my own decisions about what to do. I don't need you butting in and making me mad." Leena used the word 'again', because not only Edward, but Duke and the others would sometimes arrange things or even plan the life path for her beforehand. Because she was the only girl in the pack, they all treated her like their own beloved sister, a little princess. Besides, they were much older and


Eager to leave the hospital, Leena was striding so fast that Tom had to run after her to catch up with her. Tom grabbed Leena's unharmed hand, and with a sudden burst of strength, he pulled Leena into his arms. He gently patted Leena's back as she buried her face in his warm chest.

"Leena, what happened? Is something wrong? You seem really upset. Why did you talk to Edward like that? It's okay, you can tell me, " asked Tom softly as he slightly pushed Leena off of his arms. He reached out his long fingers to raise her delicate jaw, but his heart stopped when he saw the tears in Leena's eyes. The sorrow in her watery eyes bruised Tom's heart all of a sudden. Worried, he frowned.

"I'm sorry, Tom. I didn't mean it. Is Edward mad at me? How could I ever talk to him like that? He's injured, and I shouldn't have been rude to him. Will he be alright?" Leena sniffed as she spoke between sobs. She felt so ashamed of herself for throwing her tantrum like a baby still in diapers. Edward had just been through a brutal gunshot wound and surgery, and he just woke up not long ago. She should have tried her best to make him happy so he could get better soon. However, she just lost her temper and said something really harsh and rude to him. Leena felt so guilty and worried; she wondered whether Edward would get upset because of her words, and his recovery would suffer for it. Then she would be the one to blame.

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