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   Chapter 457 Do You Like Pain (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4875

Updated: 2018-11-12 00:32

"How is she? The wound on her hand has scarred, hasn't it?" Edward asked Tom with a smile, looking agreeable but more creepy in Tom's eyes. Tom was so scared to step into this. It might be a trap.

"Um! Yes, it has. I'm sure her wound will be healed faster if you put away your soft and enchanting smile." Tom replied, raising his eyebrow to Daisy as a signal to ask what was going on here. Tom felt like he was falling into a trap.

But Daisy couldn't figure out what he was getting at. With a confused face, she just replied Tom with a shrug and a helpless expression.

"Oh! You do look guilty! So do you want to give me a good explanation now?" Edward asked, wiped the smile off his face and turned to Tom, with his deep and sharp eyes staring at him.

"I can make it up to you right now! Okay?" 'Oh my god!' Tom thought to himself, 'Daisy, you were so ruthless to have told Edward the truth already. I knew it was unintentional, but you are pushing me hard towards Edward. The man's a devil!'

"So tell me, " Edward said, lifting the corners of his mouth and a smile playing across his lips. It was so dazzling that Tom couldn't help blinking his eyes, but he had no idea what that smile meant.

"No, I can't, " Tom replied listlessly, without any enthusiasm. He knew that his plan of having Edward pay the exorbitant price for the suite fell through right when he spoke those words. Instead of gaining huge profits, he even paid him his expensiv

along well on the way back?" Edward said but shook his head helplessly when receiving the signal of help from Daisy. He had to distract their attention even though he knew his words would cause another war between Leena and Justin. But for the sake of his cute wife, he had no choice but to do so.

"Yes." Justin gave a positive answer.

"How could it be no?" Leena denied that she was so childish to fight with a child. Although Justin's intelligence was similar to that of an adult, she was still unwilling to be treated in the same way as Justin.

They answered in chorus. Although their tone were different, they meant the same. This kind of harmony surprised Edward. Tom, the beautiful but aggrieved man who was just mistreated by Edward, rolled his eyes after hearing their replies. These two people were so shameless in front of him the witness, Tom thought. Or in their eyes, he was simply too weak to pose any threat to them, so they chose to neglect him?

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