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   Chapter 456 Do You Like Pain (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5839

Updated: 2018-11-12 00:22

"Tom, I was looking for you. Here!" Leena said and lifted her hand, pouting in a cute way. She reached out her wounded hand to show it to Tom.

"Oh! Damn. How could I forget about your wound? Come here! Let me help. Let's get you checked out and I'll change the dressing." Tom forgot about Leena's wound completely because he was busy with Edward's surgery. He couldn't remember there was still a little patient waiting for him until Leena came to him.

'But what's the matter with those people?' Tom thought to himself. 'Do they think that I have nothing better to do so they get injured one by one? And what's worse, each person is more wounded than the one before them. They should feel lucky that I am here. Otherwise, no matter how good I am or how effective the medicine is, it wouldn't help. After all, while the grass grows the horse starves.'

"Uncle Tom, do you have some medicine that hurts a lot but works really well for her hand?" Justin asked with sly eyes, showing his canine teeth. He said to himself while looking at Tom excitedly, 'You always make fun of me, Leena. Now I'll show you how it feels. Watch the true master at work!'

"What? Are you worried about your aunt's wound? So you're asking for a good medicine for her now?" Tom asked, scratching his head and smiling. He knew very well about the rivalry between Leena and Justin although he didn't spend too much time with him. He had no idea what tricks this little boy was playing, but he was sure that Justin's advice wasn't out of real concern for his aunt.

"Ya! I'm worried." Justin said cheerfully and didn't notice that his aunt, who was standing steps away, was staring daggers at him. It seemed as if the rage in her eyes was on the brink of explosion. If

was really pissed off at him. She was desperate to frustrate him again in case he spoke rudely to her. Her gaze said 'I dare you.'

Although Tom was concentrating on applying medicine for Leena, he was quite clear that there was a secret war happening between Justin and Leena. One cunning woman with one cunning boy, who would come out on top? Of course it would be unwinnable. So Tom decided not to offend or provoke either of them because he didn't want them to gang up on him. Just let them be! He tended to sit on the fence at this.

With each one holding an idea in their heads, the whole procedure of applying medicine came to a perfect end. Having wasted too much time watching the war between Leena and Justin, Tom found that Luke, Belinda, and Rain had been away when they returned to Edward's room. The three must have gone back home, Tom thought. Because they had seen the people whom they wanted to see and made sure that Edward was well, so they didn't need to worry too much. Besides, Tom, who was a medical genius, was Edward's surgeon, so they didn't have to stay there any longer. After all, air circulation was good for the patient's health.

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