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   Chapter 455 I Won't Bite You (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6222

Updated: 2018-11-11 00:37

"You should go with her! It's fine. Don't worry, it won't take long." Edward felt a little odd. He wondered, why his little boy wasn't scared of anyone except Leena? Leena was sweet and adorable. Then why was she so frightening in Justin's eyes?

"But… Fine!" Justin had no alternative but to let go of Edward's hand. He pouted to show his reluctance. He took a look at everyone but failed to find anyone who was about to save him from the impending misery. He felt very disappointed. He looked down gloomily and gave an unflinching expression.

"Let's go! Little buddy. I won't bite you. What's more, I'm not interested in human flesh, let alone your flesh which is probably mixed with ink." Leena moved her eyebrows at Justin complacently. Justin was not the only option she had. She insisted on taking Justin with her because no one else would offer to accompany her now that she had asked Justin to go with her. After all, they doted on her so much that they would never allow her to go alone. But she would be unwilling to be with anyone else now. So she had to pick someone in advance instead of waiting for their offer. Otherwise, she would be really annoyed if someone of them accompanied her.

Justin twitched the corners of his mouth. Finally, he decided not to say anything in response. Any normal person would not be interested in human flesh unless he had lost his mind. So should he respond her, no matter what he said as the response, it seemed that there would be only one conclusion; he was not a human being. Come on! He hadn't lost his mind! He was clever and he would never fall into her trap.

"Tell me! Why do you want me to go with you? And please don't say its because you like me. It's not convincing at all." As soon as they walked out of the ward, Justin asked about it. He didn't believe that the little witch had suddenly changed

would not see his embarrassed face.

"Hey! Buddy! Walk slowly! And why are you lowering your head almost to the ground? You will bump into somebody. That would be terrible." Fine! It was quite late! Justin had already bumped into someone in his mad rush. The man was none other than the man they were looking for, President Tom Qin.

"Watch out. Why are you so careless? Where are you going in such a hurry?" Tom reached out and caught Justin who was about to fall when they hit each other. Tom frowned slightly and warned him in a low voice. He didn't mean to blame Justin; he was just worried that Justin might hurt himself.

"Sorry, Uncle Tom! We were looking for you." Justin was still in a state of mad fury. He decided not to accompany his evil aunt to do something anymore. Otherwise, he would again get teased by her.

"Me? Why? What's the matter?" Tom frowned slightly. He remembered that he didn't apply any medicine on Daisy's face and he was thinking about what corrective measures he could take. Hopefully, Edward wouldn't find out that Daisy was slapped in the face in his hospital. Tom was worried that even if he could erase the inflammation on Daisy's face now, it was still too late and Edward had already got mad.

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