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   Chapter 454 I Won't Bite You (Part One)

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"You certainly look quite elegant and tender today. But I prefer the former Leena. You seem a bit dismal as compared to her. I also feel that this new Leena is detached from me."

Edward had a sharp perception. Leena couldn't hide the slightest change in her personality from him. He didn't know what made her change her dressing style. Did she find something unusual? Or did Kevin do something to bring about this recent change?

"Puff! Edward, are you composing a poem? What do you mean by 'dismal'? Don't forget; I am a happy angel." Leena smiled at her own remark. Despite the bright smile on her face, she had a slight feeling of tightness in the chest, and she didn't know why.

"Hope we are just perceiving you wrong. You are still an adorable and angelic girl." Edward smiled and said in a cosseting tone. No matter how far and fast time flew, Leena always had a place in his heart, and that would never change. She was the first person who had shown her kindness and warmth to Edward.

"Of course I'm still myself! Am I looking like a leprechaun? What's wrong with you, Edward? Did you hurt your head? Or else why would you say such strange things to me that I can't comprehend."

Leena's eyes sparkled with a deceptive light. As a matter of fact, she knew very well what Edward meant. But after everything she had been through, she was no longer the innocent girl who didn't have any secrets in her heart. Leena was a wife now. Although there were still lots of things that she needed to learn to make a good wife, at least she had turned into an adult. Sometimes Leena couldn't tell them everything. She wasn't as comfortable in asking for comforts or suggestions as she had been in the past.

"You came here alone." Duke took a look at the green wound on her hand. Then he turned his eyes to the door, trying to see if Kevin was coming. But he wasn't. Duke got angry, as could be told from his frigid face. He got mad when he realized that Kevin h

new that it would be impossible for them to change their attitude towards Kevin in such a short time. She decided to let it be. Time would heal everything! The harder she tried to take Kevin's side, the greater scunner they took against him. So she thought it would be best for her to give them space and time to accept the situation.

"Can I refuse it?" Justin firmly held Edward's hand. He felt something terrible would ensue if he accompanied his guileful aunt. So he decided he should act prudently. All the offensive things she had done in the past had always shocked everyone.

"My answer would be – no! Hurry up. You are a just little boy. Why do you always overthink everything? You're not an old man in his seventies! Why can't you be sweet?" Did Justin think it would be easy to refuse her? No way. Did he think she didn't know what he was thinking? Perhaps he forgot that they were the same kind. Both of them were guileful.

"Daddy..." Justin looked at Edward and said in a weak tone as if trying to ask for Edward's help to reject Leena's invitation. Though Justin was also difficult to deal with, he was definitely the one to be fooled if they stayed together because Leena was far more nerve-wracking than him. Just like the saying went, "if two men ride on a horse, one must ride behind".

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