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   Chapter 453 A Heartless Couple (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5743

Updated: 2018-11-11 00:35

"Sorry, honey! Mommy is too concerned to control her emotions. Don't take it seriously, okay?" Daisy left a gentle kiss on his face and apologized too. She realized that she was not herself and lost her mind when shouting at Justin. After all, he was still a child. Though he usually acted like an adult, he could make mistakes too. She slowed her fluttering heart and realized how badly those harsh words could have hurt Justin's feelings. So she apologized to Justin at once.

"Mommy, no problem. I get it. You're worried about daddy and afraid that I might open daddy's wound. That's why you shouted at me like that, isn't it? I don't mind. I mean it." Justin was a sensible boy. He didn't blame his mommy. Instead, he explained Daisy's concern for his daddy to conform her. Although tears glistened in his eyes, he still fought them back. Everyone there was touched by how thoughtful he was. He was so considerate. He couldn't have been trained to be so mindful in a short period. It must have taken years to form his charming personality with great care, love and wise guidance. That's why he was such a wonderful boy. And the one who loved and cared for him was nobody other than Daisy.

"Justin, come here." Edward felt tortured in his heart upon seeing his son's hurt expression. Though he was usually infuriated by his little boy, he couldn't help feeling a pain pricking his heart at the sight of Justin's downcast face. So he called Justin to come closer to him and wanted to protect him.

"Daddy, I miss you so much." Justin was very careful this time. He even didn't touch Edward. He just stood there, looking at Edward and revealing his sweet smile to him. He was afraid he might touch the wound and hur

tle kiss on Edward's cheek. She looked so lovely and charming. It seemed that no matter what kind of clothing she wore, everyone considered her to be the cutest girl they loved so much.

"Leena, are you alright? Are you scared silly by Edward's injury?" Rain could never keep calm when something unusual happened. So he questioned Leena about her elegant dress.

"What? Do I look weird in this dress? Don't you think I am very elegant today? Fine!" Even she didn't know why she picked this dress out. It's possible she was shocked by the thought about Kevin and Daisy. So she adjusted her style of dress accordingly.

She didn't feel wrong at all while she was heading for the hospital. Not until she got off the taxi did she realize what she had done. But there was nothing to be done for it. She had no time to go back and change! So she gritted her teeth and walked in, hoping that no one noticed her unusual mode of dress. She didn't think that everyone would be shocked. But she showed her big sweet smile to them, pretending she was calm and nothing happened to her. A cute and lovely girl was what everyone was familiar with, right?

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