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   Chapter 452 A Heartless Couple (Part One)

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"No. Judging from your character, I don't think you are complimenting me at all. Tell me, what do you mean? Or I will borrow Daisy's revolver and I'm tempted to use it. I'd like to see how you're going to flirt with the girls at that time with a hole in you."

Who was Belinda Shangguan? She was the dragon lady in the business field. If she didn't have any real talent, how could she manage YS group so well? After she took over the group, it did not lose money. Instead, earnings soared to a new peak. An ordinary person could hardly make it. So it was almost impossible that she could be tricked.

"Shoot! Don't be too harsh on me! I'm telling the truth! Why do people doubt the truth nowadays? Is everyone suffering from persecution mania? Don't lose the most wonderful thing called trust even in this terrible world. Oh, what's more, I don't flirt with the girls. Instead, they flirt with me, okay?"

Rain tucked his neck in, hunched his shoulders, trying to protect himself, as if she was really going to shoot him soon. He knew well that this woman was prone to violence. He still remembered that she even slapped Duke, the cold man, in the face once. He knew she was definitely not a simple woman. He concluded he had to keep a safe distance from her to avoid being disfigured. She could slap hard! Hell, look at Daisy's swollen face. It was going to take a long time before the red mark disappeared.

"Go to hell. Don't try to find any fucking excuses. The better the words you use with me, the more likely you're cursing me in your mind. I even don't need to ask anyone else. I can tell it from y

d looking at him with his blue eyes. He couldn't help trying to climb onto the bed to lunge at him. Luckily, Daisy was eagle-eyed. She hugged Justin to stop him immediately. Otherwise, the stitches in Edward's wound would definitely break because of Justin's carelessness, and poor Edward would need his stitches redone.

"Justin, what are you doing? Don't you know Daddy got hurt and is still weak now?" Daisy went pale. If she didn't grab Justin immediately, Edward's wounds might re-open. In that case, no one knew what might happen, what kind of complications they'd see. For the last twenty hours, she'd seen too many accidents to stay calm, despite the fact that she was a soldier. So her tone was harsher than usual.

"Sorry, Mommy. I got thrilled seeing Daddy awake. That's why I made such a terrible mistake just now. Don't get mad at me, okay?" Justin bit his lip. As a matter of fact, he felt quite sad due to his mommy's shouting. But he knew he was indeed wrong. So he held it in and didn't cry. Instead, he lowered his head and kept apologizing to Daisy.

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