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   Chapter 451 Very Insane Person (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6659

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"Honey, I think you got a point. I think I should just rest for a month, and give myself a break. At the time, I can also spend the vacation with you and Justin. Well, it seems one month is not enough, let's say, two months, "

Edward added, smirking. He liked it when Daisy behaved so protectively of him. Since she was fighting for his right to have a rest, he decided to take this chance and spend more time with her.

Hearing his words, Daisy flushed red. She also wanted to spend more time with him, but her schedule was too crowded, and that could only be a happy wish, but not practical. The New Year was about to arrive, and the busiest period at the military base had come. The veterans were about to retire and new recruits were enlisting, which required tons of hands to take care of the matters. The recruiting in Daisy's army base was different from the common recruit, as everyone of the soldiers there was to be as excellent as others. The soldiers in Daisy's base were rare talents, one-in-a-thousand men. However, although the talents were rare, not all of them were qualified in Daisy's eyes. The selection of talents needed to be dealt with carefully.

"No! No! Forget about everything that just happened! I am never here! I did nothing and said nothing! I'm merely daydreaming!" Rain was about to weep when he heard the words "two months". He was so resentful that he almost wanted to slap himself. What had he come here for? There were tons of people for him to pick on. Why did he have to joke with Edward and Daisy? It didn't seem like that he would be released from the burden, but rather, he would be enslaved with heavy workloads for two more months, if not worse. What had he done to deserve this? He was just trying to be the ice breaker, but it seemed he was trapped by his own words. What a cunning bastard Edward was! And he had also corrupted Daisy!

"Daydreaming? No, I don't believe it. You're too smart to have a daydream. Besides, every word you've just

d I curse you for no reason? There's no dispute between us, and what's more, like I've said, you're a goddess to me; I dare not pick on you. And if I did pick on you, Duke would break my neck and throw me into the sea as fish feed. Trust me, I was merely giving you a pure compliment, 24 carat." However, Rain was pissed. This woman was unreasonable. To her, debating with other people was like a habit. He meant to praise her. How could she interpret it as an insult? What could VIP mean, except for Very Important Person? He was just expressing his admiration to her.

Although enraged, Rain dared not reveal his anger. He cursed Belinda in his heart. Suddenly, he came up with an idea, and smirked inwardly. According to Belinda's words, he finally thought of an interpretation that fit Belinda well. Enlightened by Belinda, he suddenly felt that VIP could also mean Very Insane Person. And Belinda deserved it. How dare she mention Annie in front of him, and jeer at him? At her mention of Annie's name, Rain's heart cramped and ached. He had decided the new meaning of VIP, but for now he'd keep it in his heart. He would never speak it aloud. If he ever dared to mention her as the "Very Insane Person", he would be fixed not only by Belinda, but also by Duke. And he knew well that it was like waking a sleeping tiger.

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