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   Chapter 450 Very Insane Person (Part One)

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"Oh ho! What do I see? I've never imagined I'd see such a tear-shedding scene. What's this? A special show for us?" Quipped Rain, who leaned against the door leisurely. With witty words, he managed to conceal his own feelings, though tears of joy were welling up in his eyes. His heart was beating fast because Edward was awake. It beat erratically in excitement.

Daisy was embarrassed. She quickly moved out of Edward's arms, face flushed crimson. She should've controlled her feelings. How bashful it was to be caught like that.

"It seems you're idle enough to hang out here. I should trust you with more work, Rain, " said Edward with a slight frown. God damn his ungodly friends. Why did all of them have to show up at the most inappropriate times, and interrupt his private moment with Daisy?

"Hold your horses, man! Don't you ever enslave me again. Tell you what, this whole day, I've worked like a slave. And I've decided to have some rest as soon as you can come back to work. Please, don't pile any more work on me, or I'll die like a withered flower."

Rain whined dramatically. At the same time, he studied Edward's pale face and emaciated body cautiously. Although he seemed pale and weak, Edward was in good spirits. It seemed that he was out of danger, and would soon recover. And since Edward had woken up, Rain just hoped he'd recover quickly and return to work as soon as possible. During the past few hours, overwhelmed by workloads, Rain was certain that he wasn't cut out to be a CEO. He worked around the clock, although he had only picked the urgent documents to read. How could Edward think about giving him more work? He would certainly not accept it! This guy in front of him was a pervert. He couldn't even imagine how Edward had managed to accomplish such a large amount of work everyday, and leave some free time for himself to go to the club. Fortunately, compared to Edward, there was not much work in Rain's hands. Otherwise, he would throw his responsibilities and brotherhood to the wind.

"Don't bargain with me

e the subject completely. If Rain went any further, Daisy would even be too ashamed to show her face.

"No, no, no! I didn't mean a word I said. Oh, by the way, how's the recovery? When do you think you can go back to work?" Knowing what Edward truly meant, Rain decided to dump the topic and talk about work.

"Work? How can you expect him to go back to work? He needs at least one more month's rest!" What Rain wasn't expecting was where the answer came from. Daisy, not Edward. That was out of blue. He fell into a daze and stared at Daisy, without saying a word. After a long time, he yelled, appalled.

"Daisy! One month is too long! He looks healthy already! I'm sure he's strong enough to go back to work within a week. If it takes another month, I would go mad!" It seemed that Daisy was crueler and more merciless than Edward. If he had to be the acting CEO for another month, he would go insane from the heavy workload. And the girls in the clubs were still waiting for him to return! And, what was more, although he was the deputy CEO of FX International Group, his strong suit wasn't operating a company, but talking business with others or contacting clients, etc. Hearing that he had a heavy workload for nearly a month, he almost wanted to run away. And he feared that he would die because of the heavy load. And even worse, he might be half dead.

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