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   Chapter 447 I Love The New You (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6204

Updated: 2018-11-10 01:17

"Honey, are you flirting with me? Or do you think I wouldn't dare feed you with my mouth?" Daisy raised her eyebrows and gave Edward a pretentiously flirting and seductive smile. However, Edward shuddered all over in horror all of a sudden. Daisy had never smiled like that before. What happened to her? Was she really Daisy? Edward suddenly had a bad feeling about what she was going to do to him. Was she planning to torture him? Edward had no idea what to think. Everything had been extremely strange about Daisy ever since he woke up. He even wondered whether he woke up in a parallel universe where Daisy's evil and seductive twin sister lived.

"Well, well. So would you dare or not? I'm really curious." Perhaps it was because he lost too much blood before, and he just went through an hours-long surgery and was unconscious for several hours, Edward hadn't fully recovered and restored his energy. After quarreling with Tom and talking with Daisy, Edward felt tired and sleepy again. But he wanted to talk with his wife, tease her and see the blush on her cheeks, especially when he almost died before. He cherished every moment he could have with Daisy, so he tried hard to stay awake.

Hesitant, Daisy glanced between Edward and the glass of water in her hands. She bit her lip for a short while and finally made up her mind. She took a small sip of the water, and with a hint of slyness glowing in her watery eyes, she leaned forward to press her lips on Edward's, and then she fed him the warm water in her mouth. She even mischievously licked his lips with the tip of her tongue before she sat back with a smile.

Her sudden bold action with obvious sexual indication startled Edward. Gasping loudly in shock, Edward froze for a while and even forgot to kiss her back like he always did. Was Daisy flirting with him? Smiling sweetly at him, D

y's order as her aide. So he got rid of his random thoughts quickly and reported to Daisy. When he saw Edward look at them, he also greeted him.

"Thank you, Mark." Edward tried to hold back the urge of bursting into laughter. It amused him to see Daisy get knocked down a notch in front of her subordinate for a change. She was always cold and indifferent in the army, maybe they should know that she actually had a lot of unrevealed faces other than the 'devil instructor'. She could be nice and gentle in private.

"Colonel, here's your laptop." Mark handed the laptop over to Daisy while gazing at her, a hint of curiosity flickering in his eyes. He hesitated because he really wanted to say something, and yet he was afraid that Daisy would get angry about what he was going to say.

"Do you have something else to say to me? Just spit it out now." Daisy glanced at Mark and calmly said. She knew about Mark. He would hold onto a matter for as long as one could imagine until he got some answer. Judging from his look, he must have something to say at the moment. Daisy saw through his hesitation and decided to save him some time by asking him to say it out loud, in case he kept it to himself for too long and got depressed.

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