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   Chapter 446 I Love The New You (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6995

Updated: 2018-11-10 01:02

"Well, how do you know, Edward? You are staying in the VVIP ward of my hospital. Consider it as the presidential suite of some hotel if that's easier for you to accept. Look how well I've treated you! See? You're the very first patient to stay in this ward! Are you flattered? Yes, you must be!" Tom wore an ear-to-ear grin as he replied to Edward. He didn't mind Edward's threat of tearing down his hospital at all. After all, Edward had enough money to build him another hospital somewhere else.

"Damn you Jerry! You did it on purpose! Am I supposed to be grateful to you and take three bows to you to express my sincere gratitude? Is that what you want?" Edward said between gritted teeth. He resorted to the pejorative nickname he had for Tom, "Jerry, " after the titular cartoon mouse. Although he was pale and weary because he was injured, he still looked imposing; the overwhelming aura was born in nature.

"Absolutely not. Edward, come on. I simply thought you would be more comfortable in this ward. How could I let you stay in an ordinary and shabby patient ward? Someone like you deserves a well-equipped VVIP ward like this! As for the bows, well three bows are too much. I think I'll take two, and you can save the last one for someone else. What do you think about that?" Tom pretended to answer casually, yet he was laughing out loud inside, 'Do you think I'm stupid? Do you really think you don't have to pay for the invaluable medicine you took from me before? And don't forget you punched me twice right in my face! My handsome face! I had to walk around with black eyes in front of my subordinates and my patients! Do you think you can get away with all that? No freaking way!' Tom decided he would make Edward pay for what he had done, starting with paying for this exclusive yet extortionately expensive VVIP ward. Tom had nothing to worry about since Edward was badly injured and couldn't move even a muscle to do anything to him now. That was why he transferred him directly to this VVIP ward, partly because Edward did need better care, and partly because he could cha

a glass of water. He knew she was deliberately avoiding eye contact with him, but he didn't intend to drop it until he had the answer he wanted.

"What answer?" Daisy gazed at him with a confused look, as if she had no inkling what he was talking about. She took a small sip of the water to see whether it was too hot for Edward to drink. When she found that it was perfectly lukewarm, she then went back to his bedside with the glass. Just when she was about to hand the glass to Edward, Daisy realized that Edward couldn't sit upright, let alone drink the water by himself. She frowned and thought of how careless she was to miss that. She looked around the room, trying to find a tea spoon or something that she could use to feed Edward.

"I wouldn't mind if you feed me with your mouth." Upon seeing Daisy look around, trying to find something, Edward immediately realized what was in Daisy's mind. He couldn't help teasing Daisy again. He decided that he could find out what happened to Daisy's face later since he would always find out the truth one way or the other; however, Daisy's forwardness wasn't something that happened every day. Edward had no idea why Daisy seemed so forward and bold today, neither did he really care. All he wanted for the moment was to seize the rare opportunity and take advantage of her as much as he could, in case she changed her mind the next second.

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