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   Chapter 444 What Happened To Your Face (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5872

Updated: 2018-11-10 00:32

Daisy kept abreast with the new weapons and equipment that were constantly emerging, and she had experience in assisting the elites from the army by discussing their advantages and disadvantages. But this was the first time that she had received such an official document that requested her to complete an important task. Daisy realized that a strong background really mattered for social climbers even in the military, where people could easily pass off fake as genuine.

If she was still the poor single mother colonel who lived in obscurity, rather than the wife of the CEO of FX International Group, would they still treat her so politely? The possibility was next to none.

And what were Edward's true intentions? First, he invited the military officers to attend the anniversary ceremony of the FX International Group. Then she discovered that he was the sponsor behind the weapons purchase. She had a feeling that the two were closely connected. What was Edward thinking about?

Lost in deep thought, Daisy didn't notice that the man lying on the bed motionlessly started to furrow his handsome eyebrows slightly. His beautiful eyelashes fluttered, followed by his opening eyelids. The first thing he saw was blurry snow-white blankness. It was so pure and serene that he felt like he was in paradise.

Edward slightly moved his body and found that he was too weak to move. Waves of pain filled his chest. What happened to him? Where was he?

He closed his eyes again, searching his memory for what happened. He remembered encountering some arms dealers after he and Daisy left the auction. Then a fierce gunfight followed. Yes, the gunfight. He focused on the memory, but the image that filled his mind suddenly made him very anxious. He opened

uestion. Didn't you hear me? What..." Edward started coughing. It was difficult to speak when he tried to raise his voice a little. He felt a great ripping pain in his chest.

"Are you okay? Oh, I almost forgot!" Daisy became anxious at the sight of Edward's anguished face. At the same time, she remembered that Tom told her to call for him when Edward woke. Turning around to send for Tom, she was surprised when she felt Edward grab her wrist. Although his grip was weak, it stopped Daisy from walking further.

"Where are you going?" Edward's face was pale. He didn't know why she was suddenly rushing to leave him when he finally gained consciousness.

"I'm going to call for Tom. He needs to examine you. Does it still hurt a lot?" Seeing Edward awake made Daisy excited. But the sight of him suffering made her very miserable.

"Don't go. You can ring the bell to notify the nurse. You have to tell me what happened to your face first." Edward seemed very persistent to know the answer. He didn't even care to know about his condition when he woke up. Wanting to know what had happened to Daisy's swollen face, he felt reluctant to let her leave the room.

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