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   Chapter 443 Another 500 Million

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8837

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"I ran into some bandits." Daisy joked, which was rare. Since she had been smacked for defending herself, she didn't see the difference between the Ouyangs and some bandits. It felt like she was attacked by some bandits.

"What! Bandits? If they can hurt you in broad daylight, they must be good." Mark could be quick sometimes, but he was too trustful. Since he had never seen Daisy joke before, he took her words seriously without questioning.

Daisy twitched her mouth in resignation. She hadn't expected Mark to take her joke seriously. For the first time, she felt defeated by him.

"Daisy, this soldier of yours is hilarious!" For the first time since Edward got injured, Tom smiled. No one in his circle was as simple as Mark.

"Sorry about that." Daisy gave a smile. She found it hard to believe that Mark couldn't tell a joke from a serious remark.

"Colonel, did I say something wrong?" Hearing Tom's comment, Mark blushed with embarrassment.

"No, it's nothing. Did you bring me the file?" Daisy took a deep breath. She had to accept Mark for who he was. His ingenuousness didn't necessarily have to be a disadvantage.

"Yes, I did. Do you want it now?" Mark moved to take the file out of his briefcase.

"No. Give it to me later." Although Daisy was certain that Tom wouldn't be interested in the file, military documents were confidential. Even though she trusted Tom, she had to be responsible and observe discipline, which was fundamental to the code of conduct of a military officer.

"Tom, the patient's condition is stabilized. Shall we transfer him to the VVIP ward?" A paramedic came to seek Tom's medical advice.

"Good. Wait until I've checked his vital signs again." Tom stood up and left with the doctor. Daisy was thrilled to hear the good news.

The transfer was a simple procedure that took less than 20 minutes. Now that Daisy could be near Edward again, her eyes got wet with tears.

She reached out and took his hand in her palms, her heart racing. Without the respirator, she was able to see his face again. Looking at him affectionately, she was overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness. She felt like she had been apart from him for centuries.

"Daisy, Edward will be able to wake up within two or three hours, so don't worry too much. I'll be in my office. Come see me if you need anything, " Taking the stethoscope off his ears, Tom spoke quietly. He didn't have the heart to disturb her happiness at the moment, but he hoped he could ease her worries.

"Okay. Thank you. Go back to your work, " Daisy replied, keeping a tight hold on Edward's hand.

"If Edward comes around, let me kn

out the story behind the first 500 million yet. Now, there was another 500 million. She suddenly felt like she was worth a lot. It seemed she was worth 500 million in every respect.

She turned to look at Edward who was lying unconscious in silence. All of a sudden, she felt as if they were drifting apart and she didn't know him anymore. She wondered what his world was like. The way he spent 500 million with an easy stroke of his gold pen gave her a lot of pressure. Money seemed to be an impossible mountain lying between them. It was like an obstacle she could never overcome.

She knew that the army was considering purchasing a batch of military weapons. She hadn't expected Edward to be the sponsor. He must have had done it for her, because she knew that associating with the military didn't fit Edward's business philosophy.

Jeez! Daisy let out a heavy sigh, suddenly feeling depressed. Now she knew why the commander wanted her to have the file. Because the 500 million was Edward's call. But the army was going too far to mention it at this point. How could they make her think about such matters when her husband was in a coma? Didn't her superiors know what had happened last night? Even if the army didn't know about it, the commander definitely did. Kevin must have reported the matter to him.

Daisy sat on the sofa, deep in thought. Besides Edward's signature, the file included a detailed report she wrote on the performance of the new types of weapons and how they compared to similar products. She seemed to have made the right decision to ask Mark to fetch her laptop, it looked as if she could foresee what was coming. She couldn't help but wonder how many things Edward was keeping from her. What was this huge sponsorship for?

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