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   Chapter 441 The VVIP Ward (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7123

Updated: 2018-11-09 02:35

Daisy stood up after she saw Tom's silhouette disappeared around the corner. She came close to the window and focused her eyes on the man that she loved most. Even though it was hard to see Edward's handsome face clearly from a distance, she still enjoyed being with him like this. Just looking at him was a thrill for her.

Daisy sighed before she turned to Cynthia, "Mom, you and dad can go home and get some rest. I'll stay here and look after Edward."

"Alright. It's also time to pick up Justin from school." Cynthia didn't say no to Daisy's suggestion. Even though she worried about her son, she felt assured with Daisy staying in the hospital. Besides, she was also concerned with Jonathan. So Cynthia agreed with Daisy and decided to pick up her grandson after two or three hours.

"OK! Thanks, mom." Daisy felt guilty for not spending a lot of time with Justin lately, so she appreciated Cynthia's help for picking him up from school. Justin had been hanging around with his grandparents these days, so he didn't depend on Daisy as much as he used to.

"Come on, you're being too polite. We're family. Don't thank me next time." Cynthia didn't like Daisy being too polite to her, so she told Daisy to feel at ease when they were together.

"OK, I won't do it next time." Family? What a beautiful word. Daisy liked the word so much. Family was the warmest and most inspiring word in the world.

"Alright, we're headed home now. Ask Tom to ice your face. It looks pretty bad. I wonder who did that to you? It's too much."

Cynthia shook her head before she linked arms with Jonathan and left. She didn't know how much her words meant to Daisy. She was shocked at the warmth in Cynthia's words.

Before Cynthia said that, Daisy thought her mother-in-law didn't know how she had got the bruise. It turned out that Cynthia knew it from the beginning. But she didn't expose Daisy's lie. She just pretended she didn't know so that Daisy wouldn't feel embarrassed. After the love and care Daisy had felt from Jonathan, this was the second time that Daisy felt love and care from a family member.

'Edward, when will yo

isy's expression shifted slightly from the pain. But she hid her feelings and concentrated on the conversation.

"They'll be fine. I've re-arranged my schedule, so all my consultations and surgeries will wait until tomorrow. My colleagues will also help me with other patients." Tom cozily lay his back on the chair as he answered Daisy's questions. He was worried that Edward's case might be complicated, so he had put off new surgeries in advance to avoid the dilemma of having to choose between different patients.

"Then you'll be super busy tomorrow." Daisy felt sorry for the inconvenience they brought to Tom. She knew Tom did it for Edward. The friendship between Tom and Edward was so powerful that Daisy found it hard to completely understand. The two men were like brothers to each other. If either of them got hurt, the other one would show great love and care.

"I might be. But I can handle it." Tom raised his hand and frowned after he checked the time on his wristwatch. But he didn't react to his worries at all. He didn't want to scare Daisy. Tom predicted that Edward would wake up twelve hours after the surgery. And that diagnosis had already taken unexpected factors into account. Normally, Edward would wake up within eight or ten hours. 'What's wrong? Is it because of the complication that Edward had this morning? Is that why Edward hasn't woken up?' Tom mulled over possible explanations.

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