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   Chapter 440 A Dowry of Five Hundred Million (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5874

Updated: 2018-11-09 02:35

"Let's go!" Jonathan was not planning on staying back to watch the Ouyang couple fight. He just wanted to light the fire, and he didn't care to extinguish it. Let them argue between themselves! Jonathan had no interest in staying any longer, and this was his mellow side as he had grown older. If the same situation had presented itself in the past, he wouldn't have wasted words on Yakira. Instead, he would have sent his bodyguards after her and left straight away.

"Yes." Daisy calmed herself and looked at Leo Ouyang with her perplexed eyes one last time. Giving a slightly sarcastic smile, she exited this tainted place with Jonathan Mu without turning back. Five hundred million. As a matter of fact, Daisy never realized that she was worth so much. But now that she knew all the facts, how would she keep her head high in front of Edward? It seemed to her that once again she had fallen into a boundless abyss, and once again she made her own cage.

"Daisy, what happened to you?" When Daisy and Jonathan reached back outside the ICU, Tom caught something unusual on her face and his casual look immediately disappeared and was replaced by an uneasy one.

"Oh! Nothing, I bumped it by accident." Daisy secretly examined Jonathan and bent down her head timidly. She was afraid that he would suddenly burst out and reveal the truth. After all, the man was an enigma.

"What's wrong? Let me take a look." Cynthia said as she approached Daisy. She gently lifted Daisy's face. The moment she saw the severe swelling on Daisy's face, Cynthia became worried like Tom did.

"What do you mean nothing? The whole side of your face is swollen. Tom, look at this. Put some ointment on her or use an ice pack or something. Such a serious injury must hurt re

rson wouldn't even be able to come close to her.

"OK." Daisy knew that Tom had found out her secret, so she didn't argue against his suggestions. Meanwhile, she thanked him for being understanding. Whatever he said, she tried to accommodate.

"Wait for a moment." When he finished, Tom walked to his office. He needed to fetch some ointment. Even though it wouldn't be as effective as the one he applied last time, it would still help. He hoped that by the time Edward woke up, Daisy's injury would be unnoticeable. If Edward knew that Tom allowed Daisy to get hurt like this in his own hospital, Tom would get all the blame. He was not sure when Edward would take his revenge, but he sure as hell wouldn't let this go away so easily.

In the end, the violent man lying in bed was still the one to blame. If Edward hadn't beaten up Tom the last time, Tom wouldn't have forgotten to bring back the medicine when he took it home for treatment. So ultimately Edward was to blame. If Tom could apply his own medicine on Daisy's swollen face, she would be as good as new in a couple of hours, and Tom wouldn't need to get paranoid about Edward all by himself right now!

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