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   Chapter 439 A Dowry of Five Hundred Million (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6621

Updated: 2018-11-09 02:24

"You... Don't push me. How dare you say I am a lousy wife?" Yakira was not pleased to hear that. How could someone insult her like this? Her anger lit up immediately.

"I'm just giving the term to whoever's yapping. And, Mr. Ouyang, whatever happened today, I don't want to see something like this ever again. I will let it slide owing to our past relationship, but please remember, Daisy is a member of the Mu family. No one should mess with her. Even though you are her father, I'd still advise you to stay away if she doesn't want you around."

Jonathan's lips tightened. This was the first time that he had argued for the sake of someone else. Ever since he returned to S City, "first times" like this were adding up every so often. He was not sure when he would get sucked into that warm family atmosphere.

"Mr. Mu, aren't you being a little rash with your words. Even though she's married into the Mu family, she's still the daughter of the Ouyang family. As I remember, my daughter was married, not sold."

Even the most harmless kitten would extend its sharp claws if a tiger kept provoking it. So when Leo heard Jonathan's insolent warning, he couldn't help but counter with a declaration of his own ego.

"Oh? You didn't sell her? Then how do you explain the hundreds of millions that FX International Group invested in Ouyang Foreign Trade?" Jonathan frowned, his sharp gaze was intensely aimed at Leo. If Jonathan hadn't paid five hundred million to have Daisy married into the Mu family, Leo wouldn't have been so eager to make peace with Daisy back then.

Daisy was shaken by the mention of the hundreds of millions. Earlier, she had ensured Jessica that she didn't fall in love with Edward because of his money, but now she had lost that confidence. It turned out that Daisy was not that different from women like Jessica. In fact, she had been even worse. Jessica at least knew how much she was worth, but Daisy had been totally oblivious to the truth. She

te what was going on in his personal life, he always maintained a reputable and presentable facade. But, he could never imagine that she would dare to keep as much as five hundred million all for herself. Leo had to admit that he didn't really know Yakira, his own wife.

"I... Don't believe his nonsense! I don't have five hundred million. He's trying to put us against each other. Can't you see that he is trying to take Daisy's revenge because you slapped her?" Today, Yakira realized that she had made a colossal mistake by crossing Daisy. Otherwise, the secret that had been hidden for so many years wouldn't have been revealed by Jonathan, a man crammed with viciousness and deviance. She couldn't figure out how a man at his age could retain the looks of a handsome young man. Was he even human? Just the thought of that possibility gave Yakira a chill.

"Rumors don't start for no reason; there's no smoke without fire. If you didn't do it, why would he say so?" Although Leo hated Jonathan's overbearing manner, he still knew Jonathan to be an ethical man after all these years of association. So Leo was convinced that a man as proud as Jonathan would never make something up like this. Besides, Jonathan was smart enough to know that there was no need for him to play dirty tricks for achieving his goals.

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