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   Chapter 438 Raise Your Head

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8804

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"Indeed, like mother, like daughter. You are just as terribly hostile as your mother." Yakira still remembered how desperate and envious she felt at the first time she met Grace. Grace was so noble, elegant and confident. She was a goddess-like woman.

"You met with my mother?" Daisy ignored her abuse and asked curiously.

Leo, meanwhile, also fixed his eyes on Yakira. With the look, he grew more confused. He wanted to know the answer as much as Daisy did.

"No.. No, I didn't see her. I don't even know her." Yakira hastily answered. Deep down she blamed herself for her being careless and almost letting the cat out of the bag. She might as well be more careful next time. Or her years of efforts to bury the secret underground would vanish overnight. It's worth noting that no one, not even Paul knew about her meeting with Grace.

"Don't you think it's highly inappropriate to judge someone you have never seen? Or this is the family education you are talking about? Save it for yourself." Daisy talked back as if she was just trying to work against them.

"I don't need to see her to know about her. I've said, like mother, like daughter. You're so rude. So how much more cultivated could your mother be?"

Yakira looked at Daisy complacently, her eyes implying her contempt against Daisy. She must win over Grace today, even just verbally. She couldn't stand being overshadowed by Grace every time.

"Yakira, I called you Auntie for Brian's sake. But that doesn't mean that I'll put up with you or whatever you do. Don't insult my mother." Daisy made her point clear. Then next thing you know, she grabbed Yakira's neck. It took merely seconds. She was as quick as a stroke of lightning.

"Koff... Koff..." Yakira widened her eyes in fright. Breathlessly she stared at Daisy who was as intimidating as a hell-spawned Devil. For the first time in her life, she felt close to death.

Leo, on the other hand, was frozen in shock. He was totally astonished. Instead of saving Yakira, he stood still silently. He couldn't even imagine how Daisy made it past him to choke Yakira in just a blink of the eye. And then, there they were. Luckily they were not in a

Real war, or they would already been slaughtered by Daisy.

"Daisy, you really want to go to jail? You are in the military. Stop. Let her go." The minute Leo regained his poise, he started shouting madly at Daisy. He could see Yakira's face turn purple. He suspected that Daisy might really strangle her to death judging from the strength she used.

"Remember, you can gossip about me all you like. But never, ever say anything about my mother. That's

ur family will always support her and care for her." Jonathan sneered. He looked both cold and handsome. Indeed, all the men of the Mu Family were so gorgeous that no matter what type they were, their charm would never be hidden. Just by their looks, they would stand invincible, let alone their unparalleled wealth. So Jonathan didn't care what other people said about bullying them with his wealth. It was his money, he'd do as he pleased.

Hearing Jonathan's words, Daisy was first stupefied, then deeply touched. Now she knew what it felt like to have your family love you. It meant that no matter what bitter pills you swallowed outside, you always had your family's support at home. It meant that she didn't need to go through the hard times all by herself.

But Leo right now was quite upset about Daisy addressing Jonathan as father. She never even called him, her biological father, dad. Yet she was that close to Jonathan. Such a sharp contrast made him mad but helpless.

"No wonder you are so unruly. Everyone in your family is a lunatic!" Yakira shouted. She was totally enraged by Jonathan's conceited words. So she talked back without carefully choosing her words. She didn't even think about how scary it was when Jonathan lost his temper.

"Thank you for your compliments. That's what makes us special. Well, Mr. Ouyang is a man with terrible taste. How come you chose such a lousy wife, a woman that no man would ever want? I have to say that your taste in woman is quite unique. A fetish, perhaps?" With just a few words, Jonathan retorted brutally, ignoring Yakira's abuse completely. He never cared about what anyone thought anyway. All he cared about was how comfortable he was. People's judgements had nothing to do with him.

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