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   Chapter 437 A Slap In Daisy's Face (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5559

Updated: 2018-11-09 00:27

Upon hearing Daisy's words, Yakira began to panic, because she knew that Ouyang Foreign Trade was just a small company, insignificant compared to FX International Group. It was a multinational group and Daisy was not talking big. If FX International Group wanted, Ouyang Foreign Trade could really be a part of this city's history.

"Pooh! Do you think I, as a colonel, need to rely on his power? I can raze it to the ground without a tank battalion."

Shoot. Did she think she was a fake colonel? How dare she provoke her! It's just Ouyang Foreign Trade! It was a piece of cake to erase it. It all depended on whether she wanted to do it or not.

"Are you threatening me? Do you want to use the power of the state for your own private revenge?" Though Leo was still feeling guilty due to the slap in her face, he grew angry once again when hearing her arrogant words.

"Mr. Ouyang, let me ask you. What identity are you using to question me now? A public one? Or a personal one?" Hum! Threatening? Yes, yes, she was! She was capable of it, wasn't she?

"Daisy Ouyang, are you trying to irritate me again? Don't forget it. Your last name is still Ouyang." Leo didn't anticipate that she was still so aggressive now and didn't show any softness. She was completely different from her former weak self.

"Ouyang? To tell the truth, I feel shame in bearing that name. If possible, I'd rather never have this last name at all." Daisy gritted her teeth. Her words showed no compromise at all, as if she was trying to make Leo mad on purpose.

"You..." Leo was too angry to say anything but raised his hand again. But he stopped, freezing when he caught the si

that would not end. She had been indifferent and cool in the past. She was different from who she was in the past, now she was a little hedgehog covered with prickles. Anyone who touched her weak nerves slightly would get pricked by her.

"Good, good. After all these years, nothing's changed except that you've become so voluble. I have to say it's terrible without family education. Even the fine tradition of respecting your elders is discarded to the remote country of Java by you." Yakira was not a kind-hearted woman. She had some concerns when Leo was there. Otherwise, she would have said harsher words to suppress Daisy's arrogance so as to stop her from insulting her.

"Family education? Sorry, I don't know what it is, as someone who never felt a family before. Why do you think I have such a luxurious thing?" Daisy's extremely cold eyes bored into Leo while speaking. It was them who deprived her of the little family warmth completely. How dared they mention family education to her. Was it because she had been in the army for too long? She couldn't even figure out their logic nowadays.

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