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   Chapter 436 A Slap In Daisy's Face (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6016

Updated: 2018-11-09 00:27

"Daisy Ouyang, why are you here?" When Daisy was struggling with her thoughts, a voice cut through her musings. Daisy marshaled her emotions immediately due to this sharp voice. She glanced coldly at the hateful woman with full make-up who just appeared in front of her. Yakira.

"Yes?" Daisy responded in an indifferent and distant tone without any emotion. She showed great reluctance to see her.

"Nothing. I just care about you. You look pale." She was gloating over rather than caring for her. She hated Daisy so much since Daisy had been stealing the show recently. It was rare for her to see Daisy alone. Unless her eyes deceived her, she was crying just now! She knew that an outstanding man like Edward Mu would never fall in love with her! So she was crying secretly at this moment, wasn't she?

"No need. I don't need or want your caring. Please leave if you have nothing more to say and don't disturb me, " Daisy said. Her eyes were cold, her face bearing an expression that said Yakira had better go away and not approach her.

"Daisy Ouyang, you ungrateful animal! Do you really think you are so capable? You're nothing! If not for your father, I'd never say a word to you!"

Yakira snorted. She was the wife of a president anyway, and the elder. But Daisy always ignored her. Her complete ignoring her irritated her and she could not help raising her voice.

"Pooh! Father? Sorry. I don't remember the time when I had a father. So you don't need to 'care about' me for my 'father's sake.' Again, please leave me."

That's Mary's father but not hers. So he was nobody to her at all. She didn't and couldn't value him.

"You heartless bitch! You don't want your father since you have become the daughter-in-law of the Mu family, right? And you even incite Brian to hate me! I

ore she could take a breath after finishing the words. It was particularly clear in such a quiet afternoon. Daisy stared incredulously at the man in front of her who still had his hand raised.

"I..." Leo looked at his own hand. He didn't mean to hurt her. He was just irritated by her aggressive words. He was too shocked to say a thing, staring at the red fingerprints on Daisy's face.

"Haha! Good. Though there was some feeling I've had for you, it's gone now. You will be nobody to me at all starting now. Please keep an eye on your family and don't let them disturb me. Or I'll make Ouyang Foreign Trade disappear in this city. You should know this: I'm more capable than you can imagine."

Daisy sneered. The scorching pain on the face made her frown. She raised her hand and wiped the blood at the corner of her mouth. It felt like Leo slapped her with all his might. She realized that he didn't love her at all. She felt she was surrounded by a freezing air realizing this fact. She felt achingly cold.

"Daisy Ouyang, how dare you! Don't believe that you can do whatever you want as the wife of the CEO of FX International Group. If you're really capable, don't rely on Edward Mu."

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