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   Chapter 435 A Real Tyrant (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5469

Updated: 2018-11-09 00:22

"Not very valuable. But it's very important to me. Thanks!" Daisy meditated a little and opened the box. She sighed with relief seeing it was kept complete. It was the only thing her mother left in the world. She couldn't get it lost anymore.

"Colonel, are you... okay?" Although he decided not to ask about Edward, he was still concerned about her. So he asked in a roundabout way.

"Oh! I'm fine. Put it in your bag! Bring it to my home later." Daisy handed the box back to Mark. Although she said it was not very valuable, it was an antique worth hundreds of millions of dollars. So she decided it was better not to carry it with her. She might lose it accidentally, and it would be a huge loss. She had spent a long time searching for it and finally found it. She couldn't be careless anymore.

"Yes. I'll take it back to your home and then return to the army base to get you the file." Mark put the box back to his briefcase carefully. Could he do any less? The Colonel said it was very important to her.

"File? What file?" Daisy frowned slightly. Didn't she let Kevin ask for a few days off for her? Why was there still some file she needed to deal with? Was it about the yearly elite soldier selection event? Was she appointed director again? She had assumed responsibility for this event for the past few years. Couldn't he appoint other person to do it this year? For example, he could use Hank, who always gave her a hard time, to handle the event. He had always wanted to participate in it. Just let him do it and he would know what a pain it was. Or he would always consider it light duty every year and taunt her due t

stopped, panting. She made a fist and pressed it against her mouth to prevent herself from crying out. She looked up at the sky to keep the tears from falling from her eyes.

This situation reminded her of the afternoon twelve years ago when they met. He was spirited at that time, but now he was weak. She couldn't help feeling heartbroken because of it.

She leaned weakly against the big tree behind her. The bright sunlight shone on her pale beautiful face through the leaves and finally made her feel a trace of warmth.

In the eyes of many people, she must be strong as a soldier. But she was also a woman. Sometimes she could feel weak and sensitive as well. That's why she almost burst into tears when hearing Mrs. Wu's words: "My work isn't hard at all compared with Mr. Mu's life".

If he didn't run to her suddenly and take the bullet for her, she would be the one lying in the room! She should be the one lying there! In that case, would he feel the same way? Consumed with guilt because of her grave injury? After all, he was innocent from beginning to end, wasn't he?

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