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   Chapter 434 A Real Tyrant (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5902

Updated: 2018-11-08 01:38

"I won't say he is violent, but he is a real tyrant." Tom pursed his lips awkwardly. He'd only complain about Edward when he was lying comatose. He definitely wouldn't say anything about him if this guy was awake. He might end up with a black eye and likely a host of other injuries. And he didn't need that. He was a top-notch doctor, and he had no intention to be a poor patient.

Thinking about it, he felt very strange! Everyone else could tease the man, or comment on his faults. But Tom was the one who usually felt the brunt of Edward's anger. Tom was even-tempered, so why was he always the one Edward bullied?

Daisy suddenly twitched her mouth and her mouth trembled a little. She didn't say anything. She turned her head to look at the man on the bed. Though he was unconscious, he still showed his nobility. A shallow smile slowly appeared in the depths of Daisy's eyes at the sight of the man. She then walked out of the door happily.

Tom touched his head and wondered what made her change her mood suddenly. It was the first time she smiled after Edward got hurt. So he turned his head to look at Edward. But he didn't feel anything special at all! He shrugged his shoulders and walked out too. He stopped suddenly when approaching the door and took a look at the medical staff who were staring at him.

"Don't tell anyone else what Mrs. Mu said to Mr. Mu. there will be consequences. I wouldn't risk it." He stepped out after he said this. The medical staff left in the room stared at each other. They reminded themselves in their hearts to keep the secret and not to say anything. Otherwise, they would be fired.

"Daisy, are you okay? Is Edward okay too?" Cynthia stood up at the sight of Daisy coming out of the room. She felt relieved to se

nathan didn't blame his daughter-in-law at all and thought everything happened naturally.

"Colonel." Daisy caught the sight of Mark rushing towards her when she just walked out. She felt a little surprised seeing him suddenly here.

"How did you know I am here, Mark?" Daisy couldn't help regretting it right after finishing her words. Why bother asking? Of course it was Kevin who told Mark where she was. Who else would it be? Although Hawkeye also knew, he would never disclose her whereabouts without her permission. Because for a special soldier, the most vital principle was to keep secret. Therefore, the one telling Mark she was in the hospital must be Kevin.

"Major General asked me to give this box to you. He told me the thing inside is very valuable." Mark took out a box from his briefcase and handed it to Daisy. He looked at her worriedly and decided not to ask about Edward's injury.

It's "A Beauty's Tears Of Blood". Looking at the box in her hand, Daisy paused for a second. How could she forget such an important thing completely? It's because her mind was on Edward alone. Other things were unimportant, and he had a special place in her heart.

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