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   Chapter 433 I Only Want The Truth (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7232

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Daisy roughly brushed her hair with her fingers, gently patted her face to sober herself up. She was still dizzy. She had been crying and confessing her love for Edward before she was too exhausted and fell asleep. The doctors and nurses must have heard her, and Daisy felt a little embarrassed to see them now. Therefore, she lowered her head and fixed her eyes on Edward to avoid eye contact with the doctor and asked, "Doctor, how long have I slept? Did he wake up when I was sleeping?"

"Not long, just about three hours. Mr. Mu hasn't woken up yet. But all his signs are stable now. You don't have to worry too much." A man calmly answered her. He looked like a doctor. With his eyes fixed on Daisy all the time, he was actually very excited. He was talking to the most fierce and beautiful colonel in the city ever. She was literally a legend! Were it not for the fact that it wasn't the right time, he would definitely ask Daisy to give him an autograph. His girlfriend was a huge fan of everything to do with the military, and she admired Daisy. When she found out that her boyfriend worked for Tom, who was one of Edward's best friends, she asked him if he could get a chance to get Daisy's autograph.

"Really? Are all the signs really stable? Does that mean he will be okay? I know he will. Why wouldn't he? Anyway, thank you very much, doctor." Daisy cheered up a little. According to the doctor, Edward was doing fine now. Perhaps he would wake up soon. Her heart started beating fast at the thought. She couldn't hold back her excitement.

"You're welcome, Mrs. Mu. Mr. Mu is a man with strong will. We only did what we have to do. It's our job as doctors." Everyone knew that Edward was best friends with Tom, the president of the hospital they worked for. Therefore, none of them would dare slack off; they were doing their utmost to make sure that Edward received the best treatment and care until he was out of danger. They knew this matter was of vital importance. If anything should happen to Edward, there went their careers. They would lose their jobs for not taking better care of Edward. On top of that, once they were fired by Tom, no ho

dward finally wakes up and you're ill?" Tom frowned worriedly when he noticed how pale and weary Daisy looked.

"Don't worry about me. I've always been healthy. Trust me, I've been through a lot more. I've trained hard in the army. I can handle this." Daisy hastily tried to prove her strength, but she seemed to forget that she had just recovered from a fever not long ago.

"I hope so. Otherwise Edward will tear my hospital down if he wakes up and finds you're ill again." Tom shook his head with a small smile. Daisy seemed cold and indifferent when they first met. But as he got to know her better, he found that she was actually kind and gentle like a little sister next door, who was lovely and lively.

"Is he really that violent?" Daisy asked with a frown. She was a little surprised at Tom's words. Then she remembered that Tom did have a black eye last time she had a fever. It was obvious that someone had hit him in his eye. Could that someone be Edward? Daisy suddenly realized that Edward did have a bad temper if he was really the one who hit Tom. How could he just attack his own best friend over trifles? After all, Tom cured her, and he deserved compliments rather than a punch to the face. Daisy sighed heavily and thought, 'People always say that the good usually die young and the bad will live long. Edward, you're not really a good man. So please don't die. Please just live a long time and stay with me forever.'

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