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   Chapter 431 The Murder of a Pregnant Woman

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9205

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"Grace, whose name fitted the person, pure, elegant and beautiful. She was a lady with a classical and aristocratic bearing, as if she were one of the goddesses in ancient times. Yakira was no match for Grace in appearance or bearing. No wonder Leo refused to divorce Grace and marry her instead even after Yakira had pressured him in so many ways."

Paul's mind wandered back to the first time he met Grace. She was like a fairy. He had never met a woman as beautiful as Grace. She was so sweet and tender, whom no one would have the heart to harm. At one point, Paul hesitated, he didn't want to be part of Yakira's evil plan anymore, but this thought had only lasted for a few minutes.

"My cousin Yakira had been jealous of Grace ever since she met her. At first she just wanted to force Grace to leave Leo. But having seen how beautiful Grace was, Yakira knew that she could never compete with her. She was worried that Leo would never get over her even after Grace left him. To get rid of Grace once and for all, Yakira came up with a scheme to cook up a car accident, and Grace would disappear forever from this world, or at least become a vegetable so that Leo would eventually be able to forget her."

Hearing this, Luke's brows knitted tightly. He figured Daisy had inherited her mom's genes, although Grace's beauty was beyond his imagination.

"Having felt Leo's indifferent attitude after her last attempt, Yakira stopped pushing him to marry her. She started trying to let Grace know about her existence and cause her to be suspicious of Leo. Then she began carrying out her plan. In the scheme I pretended to be an informant. I called her and led her to the apartment where Leo was cheating on her with Yakira. Sure enough, when Grace got there she saw Leo in bed with Yakira. She collapsed, but said and did nothing but left with a deathly pale face. Everything was going as expected for Yakira. A perfect plan. Leo never knew his wife had been there that night."

Paul drank a mouthful of water. He was scum, but even he had felt guilty when he saw a reasonable, beautiful woman like Grace be suddenly afflicted by grief. However, the skin is closer than the shirt. In order not to be killed by loan sharks, he disposed of his last trace of conscience and helped Yakira become the wife of the CEO of Ouyang Foreign Trade.

"And you sabotaged Grace's car, didn't you?" Luke asked, gritting his teeth. His icy voice sounded menacing and even louder than it actually was in the quiet room.

"How did you know?" Paul looked at Luke in shock. He had made sure everything was perfect. He couldn't believe anybody was able to find any flaw.

"I also know that you used to be an expert in refitting posh cars. You were even faster than

"How did you know all this? Did you freeze my bank account by some trick so you could force me to come back and catch me?"

Paul suddenly realized he had fallen into a trap. He had been wondering how he had gotten caught as soon as he came back. It turned out he had been exposed a long time ago and every move of his had been watched. He regretted trusting in his luck. There was no concealing the truth. It was just a matter of time.

"Evils bounce back." Luke sneered. You reap what you sow. How did Paul even have the guts to ask? He should have known better.

"Now that I've told you everything, you should let me go." Paul looked at Luke with a pleading expression on his face. He wondered who these people were and why they were interested in a tragedy that had happened many years ago. They looked like neither gangsters nor the police. Had Yakira screwed up and Leo started to suspect the car accident wasn't so accidental? Did these people work for Leo? Had Leo set him up to get a confession?

"Let you go? It's not my call." Luke disdainfully glanced at Paul who was gazing at him with pleading eyes. A sneer flitted over his face. Since when did hunters free their prey? Maybe fishermen would, but they were not near any water.

"Who are you people? Did Leo send you over? Did my cousin offend you so you kidnapped me to threaten her?"

Besides Leo, Paul couldn't think of a second person that would be interested in the things that had happened more than twenty years ago. Wait. There had been a handsome young couple whose bodyguard had rescued Grace. But they were just passers-by. They shouldn't be interested in the matter. Furthermore, even if they wanted to find out anything about it, they wouldn't wait for over 20 years. If it wasn't them, who was it then? Paul was baffled. It was beyond imagining.

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