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   Chapter 430 Grace

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9522

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Luke sped toward the countryside where they locked up Paul Du. His face was cold and aloof, eyes fixed on the road ahead. No one could see through his poker face.

This was the first time he'd been unable to protect Edward, and now his boss was badly injured. He felt both concerned and frustrated. He blamed no one for it but himself, his own carelessness.

He had thought that these few days would be peaceful, so he hadn't taken precautions. Yet, things happened. He made the most foolish mistake as a bodyguard -- being careless.

"Boss! You're here! How's Mr. Mu?" An underling came forward and greeted him just when he stopped his car.

"He's alright. Has the guy confessed?" Luke asked, his tone cool but also a bit mad. He was angry that his people hadn't arrived at the scene in time last night.

"No, he's still in a coma. We don't know whether he's really unconscious or just faking it." The man answered timidly while keeping an eye on Luke's expression. He was trying to suss out Luke's mood right now. Was Luke sullen or about to hit the ceiling? He could only tell that Luke was definitely not in a good mood.

"Have you ever thought of waking him up?" Luke stopped, turned around and cast a cold look.

"Well... We thought you want to interrogate him yourself, " The man replied inconsistently. Luke's eyes were so intimidating that he even lost the ability of talking smoothly.

"What? Is this your first day or...I don't know. You can't even handle such a minor thing?" Luke said. His eyes grew even colder. He stared at the underling as if he would blow off his steam at any minute.

"Sorry, boss. We'll do better next time." The underling bowed his head, afraid of meeting Luke's cold eyes.

Luke frowned and felt quite enraged. Maybe he should have given them more discipline and training. They couldn't do anything right. He hadn't punished them for arriving late last night, and now they left him another new problem. Was there a negligence in the hiring process?

"Where is he? Take me to him." He had to get everything he needed from Paul's mouth. Edward had given the order. And he wanted to get the job done before Edward woke up, so he must do it quickly.

"He's in the basement. Are you going to question him right now?" Luke didn't answer, but walked towards the basement. Maybe it was Edward's injury that made Luke colder than usual.

The underling didn't dare to fall behind, so he mustered his courage and did his best to keep up with his boss.

"Boss." The two guards quit chit-chatting and stood up immediately at the sight of Luke. They got nervous when they sensed his somber mood. Their hearts sank, not knowing what might happen.

"Wake him. If he's still in a coma, just ditch him in the crocodile pool. We'll chalk it up to you win some, you lose some." Luke ordered after seeing Paul

that Leo loved his wife very much. He didn't even respond to Yakira's seduction and kept a proper distance from her. His coldness worried her so much that she drugged him and faked a one-night stand with him. And this was just the first step."

Paul contributed a lot to this first step. He had used great effort just to get Leo on that bed. Though knowing that Leo was unconscious, he was still quite nervous as it was the first time that he had done something like this.

"You're so shameless. Go on." Luke sneered and ordered. He had met with Yakira and knew a bit about her. Outside, she always put on airs as some noble woman. Who could have guessed that she was so filthy and evil inside?

"Men will be men. After the first one night stand, Leo didn't reject the second time, then the third...He began treating Yakira as his mistress and wrote her big checks without any hesitation. His generosity just confirmed Yakira's calculations about his affluence and massive assets. So she grew more and more unsatisfied -- and greedy."

Paul spat out a puff of smoke and licked his lips. Finally he was calmer than he had been. At least he stopped shivering.

"Give him a cup of water." Luke ordered and frowned. He figured that the story was going to take a while and determined to listen patiently.

"But Yakira wanted much more than just being a mistress to Leo. After she hooked up with him, she managed to divorce her husband. Her aim was clear: becoming Leo's legal wife. She implied one way or another that she wanted to become his wife, but Leo kept avoiding her after knowing her intention. It almost smashed her ultimate dream."

This was how Yakira determined to get her hands on Grace. After all, women were easier to deal with. Every woman, whoever she was, however much she thought she could take, would never be fine with her husband's affairs. And Grace was no exception.

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