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   Chapter 427 You Can’t Afford To Drive Me Out

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"Tom, Luke, eat something. Go to sleep after you finish your meal. We'll stay here to keep an eye on Edward." Although Cynthia knew that Tom was the best person to take care of her son, still she couldn't bear to see him so exhausted. She felt he would be able to help Edward better once he had well rested.

"Mom, I am fine. It's Tom who needs to sleep after the several-hour-long surgery." Jonathan had once threatened Luke that he would fire him if he didn't change his way to address Cynthia and him, so Luke did as Jonathan had asked.

"You both go. You can't stay here. We have to take care of Edward in turns. If we don't rest, we won't have the energy. I know I can't persuade Daisy to rest, as she doesn't want to leave Edward at all. She is asleep now. Don't wake her up. She needs a good rest. She won't sleep again if she wakes up." Cynthia looked feeble, but she managed things efficiently.

Jonathan kept silent. He looked at the drawn curtain. With a frown on his face, he was lost in deep thoughts. He was sure Edward was rescued again. Why else would the curtain be suddenly drawn, and why would Tom ask Daisy to go in to speak with Edward? However, he didn't ask about it lest Cynthia might be worried. He hoped Edward was out of danger now.

"Okay. I will take a rest in my office. Let me know if something unexpected happens." Tom realized that as a doctor, he had to be clearheaded, so he accepted Cynthia's offer. After having some food from the food box in Mrs. Wu's hand, he headed for his office.

"Mom, I have to do some work. I have to leave now. I don't have time to eat." Paul Du was still hung over the crocodile pool. Luke wondered whether Paul had admitted his guilt after two days and one night. It was quite possible that Paul had passed out due to fear.

"Okay. Go. Be careful." After Edward was hurt, Cynthia became more cautious, so she urged Luke to be careful.

"Okay. I'll be right back." Luke grinned as he saw Jonathan stare at the ICU. It was obvious that Jonathan was concerned about Edward. Otherwise, he wouldn't fix his gaze on the ICU. He used to fix his eyes on Cynthia only, but he acted differently now.

"Take your time. We will take good care of Edward. Go ahead with your business." Luke never looked out for himself. Instead, he was always attentive to Edward's needs and wellbeing. Cynthia regretted this. She felt she shouldn't have imposed such a heavy burden on him.

The corridor grew quiet after Luke left. Cynthia was worried as she couldn't see what was going on in the ICU. She had a worried expression on her face.

"Don't worry. He'll continue to fight me. He won't die. Do you think your son is a coward?" Jonathan pulled Cynthia into his arms. His stiff expression turned mild in front of Cynthia.

"Honey, pl

ogant that she even despised Daisy and Luke.

"Anna, ask security to drive this crazy woman out. She is not allowed to step into the FX International Group again. Anyone who lets her come in will get fired." Rain gave the order coldly, making everyone shudder.

"Rain, how dare you!" Grinding her teeth, Jessica became purple with rage. Her lips were trembling.

"I dare to do everything. Don't think you are special. In my eyes, you're like a prostitute in a bar. When you see me next time, I advise you to change your path. I don't want to see you again."

Rain said harshly. He was annoyed because Edward was hurt, and Jessica brought annoyance to him in the early morning, so now he bulged with anger.

"Why are you standing still? Didn't you hear me?" Rain was always cordial with his subordinates, and he never acted all high and mighty, but Jessica's humiliation irritated him.

"Mr. Xia, I've called the security. They're on their way." Anna never disobeyed Rain. All the employees of the FX International Group knew that Rain represented Edward, and his orders were as important as Edward's.

"You can't afford to drive me out. I'm pregnant with Edward's baby. If I lose the baby, he will make you suffer bitterly. Rain, I hope you know the consequence of your actions!"

Jessica sneered, smugly looking at Rain's angry face. She became much more arrogant.

"Ha-ha! Jessica, I didn't expect that you are such a shameless woman. I don't believe you're pregnant with Edward's baby. Neither he would sleep with you, nor would he get you pregnant. You can cheat others, but you can't fool me. Now I know how evil you are."

Rain wagged a disapproving finger and mocked Jessica unmercifully. He put Jessica to shame just like what Jessica had done to him. He was not as cruel as Edward and Belinda, but his bitchy words still silenced Jessica.

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