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   Chapter 426 Sleeping Beauty (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5881

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"However, good things never last. When the military exercise was over, Jessica came to me. It seemed as if she had arranged someone to spy on me and had learned about my every movement, because as soon as I got my phone back, I received her phone call. In the call, she arrogantly declared a war on me. What a coincidence. Why does every happy moment have to end with sorrow?"

Daisy had always thought that since Edward had loved Jessica so much, she must be both excellent in appearance and nature. However, since she started to deal with Jessica, she suddenly found out the woman was a mere brainless beauty, vulgar and thoroughly miserable. How could Edward keep Jessica around for so many years? At the time, she thought, perhaps Edward had a fetish for such women, or perhaps he was such a kind soul that he couldn't bear to abandon her because she had spent so many years accompanying him.

"Then I got my heart broken. She said she was pregnant, and you were the father. Do you know what I felt when I heard that? Do you have any idea that I was wounded deep in my soul? Although I was trying to be calm, and tried to stand in sharp opposition to her, not yielding an inch, in fact, I was horrified and scared. I was scared by her words again, and started to doubt you all over. It wasn't until you told me you'd had a vasectomy that I was a little bit reassured, but I didn't fully believe what you said, and I took the whole thing with a grain of salt."

Daisy stopped, and flashed a bitter smile. She had never wanted to show her inner world to him. There were so many things she would never have mentioned to him had it not been for this accident, and she certainly wouldn't spend so much time doing it. But what did she have now but time?


e you all here visiting him?" Tom and Luke stayed in the corridor the whole time. They didn't even leave when they needed to nap, but sat there on the bench and slept.

"Not just him, we're here for you and Daisy and Luke, too. I've prepared some food for you two and Daisy. Ask her to come out here, and have some food. If she doesn't eat anything, how can she take care of Edward? I'm afraid there will be many things for her to do."

Cynthia frowned slightly. When Daisy fought with the mobsters last night, she was almost consumed. Now the pressure was even worse. She was worried that Daisy would fall ill before Edward woke up.

"Yes, that's true. I'll call her out here." Tom agreed with Cynthia. He had a look at his watch and walked to the ICU. But when he saw the scene inside, he turned and walked out.

"What happened? Where's Daisy?" Cynthia asked anxiously. He came back alone.

"Oh, she is sleeping. Perhaps she is too tired. Let's not wake her up now." As Tom entered, he saw Daisy sleeping at Edward's bedside, her hand holding Edward's. The scene was so peaceful and beautiful, only the tear stains on her face indicated that she had just wept.

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