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   Chapter 423 Brutal Training In JC Military Academy (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5687

Updated: 2018-11-07 01:21

Daisy's nerves were tensed as it seemed like a century had passed before the closed door of the ICU showed a sign of opening. Looking at Tom who appeared utterly exhausted, she couldn't bring herself to ask him about Edward's situation. She stood listlessly and was afraid to hear any bad news from him.

"Tom, how is everything?" Seeing Tom stepping out of the door, Luke walked to him first and asked worriedly. He shot concerned looks into the ICU but failed to see anything.

"Everything is fine. We made it." Tom was so exhausted that he slowly sat down on the chair. The thoracotomy surgery was highly risky because it was operated near both heart and lungs. So relatively severe post-operative complications might transpire accordingly, such as a pulmonary cyst or a heart failure. Edward was in the later situation. It was more dangerous than a pulmonary cyst.

"He's alright, isn't he?" Daisy asked tentatively, with an expression of great hope on her face. She stared at Tom, expecting to hear some encouraging news.

"Yes, for now. But we'll have to wait for three days before he completely gets out of danger. Let's see whether he'll wake up in the next 12 hours." Tom pressed his eyebrow. He had already been very tired after the operation. Afterward, the one-hour long emergency rescue pushed him to his utmost limit both physically and mentally.

"Thank you, Tom. Can I go inside to see him?" Daisy kept rubbing her hands. She was still very nervous.

"Well… Fine! It'll probably be good for him. He might respond if you stay with him and talk to him." Tom thought for a few seconds. He felt whether the patient would make it through or not essentially depended on the success of

ssive stone laid on it.

"Darling, are you really feeling tired? Or are you avoiding me? You promised me you'd never risk your life. But you didn't keep your words and hurt yourself. Though you did it to protect me, it's still your mistake for not keeping your promise. Don't blame me for my unreasonable words. You made me say it. If you feel wronged, you must steel yourself. I am waiting right here, for a convincing explanation from you."

The sad and hoarse voice was accompanied by the hum of various instruments sounded heavy, and the people present couldn't help but feel sad. They knew this beautiful yet indifferent young colonel from the anniversary celebration party of FX international Group. They felt sad for her while admiring her.

"Do you know? The afternoon twelve years ago was the most precious moment in my life. It's way back in the past yet it jumps in front of my eyes every day. Although you only said a few cold words to me, they changed my whole life." Daisy raised her lips slightly with a sweet smile as if the afternoon twelve years ago had appeared in front of her again. It felt so real to her.

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