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   Chapter 422 Post-operative Complication (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5513

Updated: 2018-11-07 00:22

What you see from the appearance of a person isn't always real. It is just a body covered by some protective coloration, which forces people to neglect his inner qualities. So don't be misled by appearance when you want to know someone. Otherwise, you would miss the chance to give the right judgment.

"Tom, come in quickly. The patient is short of breath." A doctor rushed out right at the moment when Daisy was about to answer Tom's question. Daisy's heart almost leaped into her throat upon hearing this.

"Don't panic. I'll go and check." Tom said while hurrying towards the ICU, which involved the long but necessary procedure of changing clothes, disinfection and changing shoes.

The first action Daisy took was to look into the ICU with her back straightened up. But the minute Tom began to check Edward, the nurse pulled the curtain, then she couldn't see any more.

Daisy clenched her fist and bit it hard, tears sliding down silently. Did he sense? Daisy thought. He did sense her suspicion and mistrust of him, so he began to breathe hard.

'No…… It's not like that. I didn't mean to question or distrust your love. I am just not confident of myself. Is that so wrong? I shouldn't have this thought in my mind since I am sure that you love me. The only thing I should do is to give myself to you, ' Daisy said to herself.

Blood was seeping from her soft and white hand which she had been biting hard. She didn't feel it as she was dwelling in deep regrets. She had been waiting for him for twelve years, why was she becoming so greedy when she had finally got him?

Hehe…… Daisy thought to herself, "You are a real hypocrite.

for putting him in danger?" Daisy asked. She knew that the friendship between Luke and Edward was very deep. The whole thing happened because of her, so she wanted to know how Luke saw this situation.

"If you were the one lying in that bed, I can imagine how grief-stricken Mr. Mu would be. So I respect his decision." Luke said. He knew Edward's love for Daisy so well that he couldn't blame anyone. If someone had to be blamed, it should be him. After all, he was Edward's bodyguard.

"Sorry." Daisy said and pursed her lips. Everyone knew that she was special to Edward, but she avoided to face the facts. She wasn't sure if her relationship with Edward was real or not, maybe she was torturing herself or maybe she felt the happiness spreading so fast that she couldn't believe it was real.

Daisy raised her chin up with firm eyes, looking sad but beautiful. 'Edward, don't be a coward, ' she thought. 'I would follow you until the end of my life. I won't let you go as long as I'm alive, because you belong to me. Even if the Devil wants you, he'll have to ask for my gun's permission.'

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