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   Chapter 421 Post-operative Complication (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6339

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"Good day." Rain waved and turned away while bidding goodbye. He left behind a long, lonely and enchanting shadow.

"This guy loves pretending to be cool. I can't stand it." Tom said and rolled his eyes as he saw Rain behaving like a punk.

"He can play to his strengths, right? Maybe that's his style." Daisy said and smiled softly. She admired Rain's personality. It felt honest and real to her. And she thought that his personality was the reason why people liked to get close to him.

"I couldn't agree more but at the same time he is really pretentious. I bet all his bad habits have derived from being spoiled by women." Tom said and smiled, putting away the pill bottles on the seat.

"Do you mean he has a lot of girlfriends?" Daisy asked while frowning. Earlier, she never paid attention to anyone but Edward. Therefore, she didn't know much about Rain.

"Not exactly. I can only say that Rain is quite the ladies man. Daisy, why are you suddenly interested in this?" Tom asked and looked at her suspiciously, wondering if she's trying to dig out something regarding Edward's past affairs!

"Oh! No reason. I was just asking." Daisy said with cloudy eyes. It was not her style to pry into other's personal business. She just wanted to find the real reason behind why Anna left. She felt a little awkward when Tom questioned her intentions in this way.

"Daisy, forget it. I think you should go to my office and have some rest! I'll take care of everything here. Besides, doctors are looking after him, right? Everything will be fine."

Tom suggested. On observing Daisy's expression of fatigue, he presumed Daisy must have spent a lot of energy in the fight. As if that was not enough, now she was suffering from fear because of Edward's gunshot wound.

"No, thanks. I wanna be here with him, so he would know that I'm worried about him and I need him very much. Perh


"Is that so? I thought he was just attracted to my special identity! I wonder if I didn't show up, could anyone else be his special someone?"

Her heart was getting torn with this thought, Daisy slowly closed her tired eyes. She couldn't explain the sudden feeling of bitterness.

"You're wrong. He fell in love with you because it was you. No matter how special other women are, they can't attract his attention. You can see how important you are to him by the fact that he took a bullet for you. It's known that Edward is indifferent to women, but for you, he even risked his life. You can see how much he loves you."

Tom said and frowned, with his dark eyes staring at Daisy. It seemed like he could look into her heart and put all the things into perspective.

"Tom, do you think I'm too indifferent and apathetic? He has done so much for me, but I am still suspicious about his love."

Daisy said while smoothing her hair with her fingers. The strain between her eyebrows was showing her frustration and powerlessness, yet she was looking lovely and charming.

"Daisy, I think I understand your feelings. After all, he has a past. But let me assure you it was just superficial. I bet you know better than me, what kind of man he really is."

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