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   Chapter 420 The Special One for Kevin Was Sis Daisy (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6336

Updated: 2018-11-06 02:32

"Daisy, let me help you to fix the bruise on your face." Tom placed the medical kit on the chair beside him. He also noticed the scratch on Daisy's face.

"It's okay, it will heal by itself in a few days, don't worry." She was not as fragile as other women were. She had endured more severe injuries in the past, and in most cases, the wounds healed naturally.

"But it's on your face. I'm afraid there would be scars if it is left untreated." Tom frowned. If the scratch was on any other part of her body, he wouldn't push her. But the face was the most important feature of a woman's body. As a doctor, he couldn't leave it as it was. She was spoiling her beauty by refusing to receive the treatment, and he would not let that happen.

"Yes, he's right. Daisy, you'd better let him apply some medicine on your face. Edward would be unhappy to see your injured face when he wakes up." Rain raised his eyebrows mischievously. He glanced at Edward who was lying in the ICU and shook his head with a sigh. If Edward were awake right now, he would scold him severely.

"Okay." As soon as she heard Edward's name, she immediately compromised. Edward was her soft spot, and this wouldn't change as long as she lived.

"It might be a little painful. I will clean up the wound to remove the dirt and then I will disinfect the wound." Tom said while rubbing her wound gently with a cotton swab?wetted with?iodine. Although he was cautious about the pressure, the stimulation of the iodine made Daisy feel a piercing pain. She unwittingly furrowed her beautiful eyebrows.

"Tom, be gentle! Don't you see Daisy is frowning because of the pain?" Rain exclaimed as he saw Daisy's distressed face. He seemed more nervous than Daisy who was actually getting the treatment and suffering the pain.

"How about you do it then?" Tom stared at Rain. Did Rain think that Tom was happy to accept this difficu

to accuse him before anything happened, Rain thought.

"Rain, are you going home or not? Don't you need to go to the office today? Or do you want the whole world to know that the CEO of FX International Group is lying in the hospital and the stock prices to plummet?" Tom lifted his hand and looked at the time in his watch. He wondered why Rain had spare time to stay here. Edward was still unconscious, the business of the whole company was left on his shoulders. But he seemed so indifferent. Tom was surprised that Rain had the time and temperament to tease him here.

"Huh! Do you think that our FX International Group is that vulnerable? Do you really believe that a small accident will affect the stock of the company and make it fall? Okay, that's the end of this topic. It will never make sense to a nerd like you no matter how hard I try to explain. Daisy, I will take leave of you now. I have to take care of some work. Moreover, Tom is here so everything will be fine." Rain waved his hand; he didn't want to discuss that topic with Tom any more.

"Okay! Take care!" Daisy smiled lightly. In fact, she took delight in their banters. Such a relationship and a way of getting along with each other was a kind of thing she would never understand.

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