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   Chapter 419 The Special One for Kevin Was Sis Daisy (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7314

Updated: 2018-11-06 02:20

"I will, thanks. Please ask the Commander to sanction a two days leave for me. I will submit the application when I go back to work." Today was a day full of gratitude for Daisy. She felt appreciative towards everyone who had shown their compassion for her suffering.

"Don't worry, I will explain it to the Commander. You need to take good care of Mr. Mu." Kevin gathered himself, trying to suppress all his emotions for Daisy. But his eyes betrayed him. Daisy sensed his feelings in his eyes. She frowned and remembered what Edward had told her about Kevin. Edward had said that Kevin's feelings for her weren't limited to those for a close friend or a sister in the neighborhood. He had inferred that Kevin had strong feelings for Daisy. Perhaps Edward wasn't joking about it, Daisy thought.

"Okay. Leena, go home. Be careful with your wounds. You will have problems with drawing your design sketches if you don't pay attention to them." Daisy gently caressed Leena's hair. Looking at the kind and lovely girl, Daisy suddenly felt a surge of guilt. It was probably because she sensed Kevin's feelings for her today.

"Sis Daisy, would you be okay staying here by yourself? It would be better if I stay here and wait with you till Edward is conscious." Leena smiled sweetly, trying to hide her uneasiness about Kevin's strong feelings towards someone.

She wasn't sure whether she was being too sensitive about it, because she had sensed Kevin's passionate gaze on Daisy. Although he was sitting right beside her, his attention was constantly focused on Daisy. There was an unspoken concern and worry on his face.

She had known that there was someone special in his heart, but she never pried because she knew she didn't love him. Then why was she feeling sad about it today? Was it because she realized it was quite possible that the special one for Kevin was Sis Daisy? Thinking of this possibility, Leena felt the need to reconsider everything, such as their marriage, what was his real intention behind marrying her? There were many more questions hovering over her mind.

"It's okay. I can deal with it myself. You'd better go home now. Kevin, take care of Leena. She is re

happening because there was no news about the woman he loved. It was as if she had completely disappeared from his world and there was no trace of her to be found. How could he not worry about her? It was impossible.

"Do you think the woman you love is not as good as you have anticipated? Do you lack confidence in yourself? Or you don't believe in the woman you have fallen in love with?"

Daisy took back her gaze which had been focused on Edward for a long time and glanced at Rain. She examined him closely with curiosity.

"Who says that I have fallen in love with her?" Rain's face flushed at Daisy's inquisitive gaze. In an attempt to hide his emotions, he looked away evasively. He felt relieved when he saw Tom quickly walking towards them.

"Your words deny it; but can your heart do the same?" Daisy smiled gracefully. She wondered whether all men were conflicted about love. They were always more nice than wise. The man lying in the hospital bed was also one of them, he was always pretentious in front her.

"What are you two chatting about? The atmosphere is weird here." Tom shifted his glance between Daisy and Rain. He had taken a shower, the scent of the body shampoo made him feel calm and fresh.

"Nothing special. I'm persuading him to go home." Daisy replied softly, looking very calm. She didn't plan to tell Tom what they were talking about. It was Rain's private matter, and she was not in the position to disclose it.

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