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   Chapter 417 The Surgery Is A Success (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5216

Updated: 2018-11-06 01:31

"Blood-tonifying? What do you mean? Uncle is also injured?" Rain had assumed that Edward's parents hadn't arrived yet. But judging from Daisy's words, Rain figured that they had come to the hospital much earlier. After all, they lived very near to the hospital. But why did Edward's father need to blood-tonify? He couldn't figure it out.

"Uncle Rain, that's because grandpa donated a lot of blood for dad." Justin said while sitting on Rain's lap and swinging his legs leisurely.

Justin's words turned all eyes on Edward's father, Jonathan. They knew him quite well and had always known that he didn't like Edward. So how come he gave his blood to his much-disliked son? Maybe it was solely because of the biological father-son bond?

"Why are you all looking at me? I'm not a freak." Jonathan frowned and looked back at them coldly. Though his face looked pale because of the blood drawing, his majestic aura still captured them.

"Grandpa, come and sit here." Justin slid down Rain's lap and pulled Jonathan to the seat near him. As he focused on his grandpa, he forgot about urging Daisy to shower.

"Sis Daisy, let's go. There are so many people here waiting to take care of Edward. You don't have to worry." Leena advised Daisy to get freshened up; she had already arranged her clothes. She brought the clothes not because she had expected Daisy would need a shower; she did it because Kevin had reminded her. That's why she brought one of her latest collection which she was going to gift Daisy anyway. She just gave it to her ahead of time.

infections." Tom knew how much they worried about Edward. But he couldn't allow them to visit at the risk of Edward's life. He had to follow the course of action that was in Edward's best interest.

"Okay, we will stay outside. Thank you, Tom" Daisy said earnestly. She knew that if it hadn't been for Tom, Edward might have suffered greater risk in surgery. The bullet was in a crucial part of his body. He might have got killed, had there been any oversight in the surgery. Only Tom's superb medical skills could be trusted.

"Daisy, no need to be so courteous to him. It will make him arrogant." Rain quipped, with Justin in his arms. They were all relieved to know the operation was a success.

"Tom, thank you." Cynthia held Tom's hands, and her eyes turned red. That made Jonathan frown a bit, but he didn't obsess over it as Tom had saved his son. The past few hours had felt like a dozen years to him. During that time, he had straightened out a few things in his mind, things that he had been struggling with for many years.

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