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   Chapter 416 God Bless Him

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9531

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The surgery could proceed because of the blood supply. Through this operation, everyone present got to know the president of the hospital better. He was an elegant and decent man, yet he was cool-headed and indifferent too. Probably that was because there was a deep friendship between Edward and him! His best friend was lying on the operation table, so no wonder he lost control of his feelings.

"Mrs. Mu, perhaps you should take a seat for a while! Or you might get sick before Mr. Mu's operation is done." Luke said in a worried voice, looking at Daisy who seemed to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

"I'm fine." Daisy moved her mouth a little and forced a response. Her tired face was still pale.

Just then a loud sound of hasty footsteps approached them. Soon, Rain, the charming devil, appeared in front of them.

"Daisy, how's Edward doing?" Rain panted slightly and asked. When he got the phone call from Tom, he was accompanying the clients in a resort of a remote village. He drove back as fast as he could upon hearing the news. But there were traffic jams all over the city. That's why he came so late.

"How did you come to know, Rain?" Daisy bit her lip a little and forced the corners of her mouth to move upwards bitterly. But there was no sign of a smile. She looked miserable and lonely.

"Tom called and told me. Don't worry, Daisy. He is a gifted doctor." While talking, Rain took off his coat and put it on Daisy. It happened so spontaneously that one could easily perceive that he was a man of subtle and refined sensibility. He cared about others for the smallest of things. However, he kept a safe distance from Annie, which was what he regretted the most.

"Yes! Thank you!" Daisy gathered and closed his coat around her. Thanks to his kind act, she could cover the gruesome blood stains on her clothes.

More hurried footsteps were approaching them. Daisy raised her head and saw Duke and Belinda walking quickly towards her. Their faces were drenched with worry. They must have headed for the hospital in a hurry. Looking at all this, Daisy felt a lump in her throat. They were what people called friends! No matter how many times they had mocked each other, everyone was worried sick because of this sudden crisis. This was what real friendship looked like. They stood by each other through thick and thin.

"Are you alright, Daisy?" asked Belinda. She was a true friend. Belinda cared about Daisy the most. So when she saw Daisy sad and depressed, she immediately asked her in an anxious tone. She didn't even mention Edward who was on the operation table.

"Why would all of you come here, Belinda?" It seemed that Tom had informed them. After all, only a few people knew that Edward was severely injured.

"Girl, this is so critical and urgent. How could we just stay at home and wait?" They got

elinda felt that she didn't know Leena all that well!

"But I am anxious." Daisy looked at the "IN OPERATION" sign with hesitation. She knew she looked afflicted with all the bloodstains on her clothes. But she didn't have the nerve to leave before the operation finished. She wanted to stay close to Edward to make him feel how much she wanted him. She couldn't bring herself to leave.

"It's okay. We're here, aren't we? Take it easy. Just go and take a shower! Besides, you are a soldier. I think it is easy for you soldiers to take a quick shower, isn't it?" Belinda patted Daisy on the shoulder. She didn't know Daisy's clothes were bloodstained and wondered how Leena had anticipated that. No wonder Leena had brought a large bag with her.

"Let's go! I'll show you the way, Sis. I know where's Tom's office." Leena supported Daisy with her uninjured hand. She worried about Edward a lot, and she didn't want him to see his wife soaked in bloodstains. He would feel heartbroken. Daisy was the first woman he loved from the heart. So she had to take good care of Daisy, to repay the favors he had done to her through the years.

"Yes! Mom, I'm also here with Daddy. Don't worry! Think about it. Daddy has a fetish for cleanliness!" Seeing so many people around, Justin wasn't as depressed as before. He seemed relieved.

"Why is everyone here?" Cynthia and Jonathan returned just when everyone was persuading Daisy. Cynthia was surprised to see all of them there.

"Dad, are you okay?" Daisy looked gratefully at Jonathan's pale face. The man lying on the operation table was Jonathan's son. She couldn't help but feel grateful for everything.

"He's fine. I'll get him some blood-tonifying food later. Don't worry dear." Cynthia knew Jonathan wasn't the talkative kind. To prevent Daisy from overthinking about his silence, Cynthia intervened and tried to make up for his quietness.

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