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   Chapter 415 Rh-negative Blood

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"Who are they? Why didn't you inform me immediately?" Jonathan looked grim. He didn't mean to blame Luke. He was anxious.

"Arms dealers. Apparently, they escaped from prison, but the news hasn't been made public. Mrs. Mu put them into prison; hence they were nursing thoughts of revenge." Luke told Jonathan what he knew. He really admired Jonathan for his amazing attitude.

"The cops are useless! They let that prisoner break free. What's worse, they don't even issue a wanted circular. It's their fault that the escaped prisoner could commit a crime again. They should have been more vigilant!"

Jonathan was burning with anger. He could easily have those incompetent senior officials fired for misconduct.

Luke opened his mouth, but he didn't say anything. He felt guilty as he failed to protect Edward. He was too ashamed to criticize others.

"Luke, how is it going? Who is the doctor?" Cynthia frowned. It wasn't the right time to discuss who was to blame. She was worried about her son more than anything else.

"It's Tom Qin. We haven't received any update yet." Luke looked Cynthia straight in the eye. He was cold to others, but he became gentle in front of Cynthia.

"I can relax my mind then. Luke, don't blame yourself. You can't avoid every accident." Cynthia patted Luke's shoulder; he looked grim. Luke took everything to his heart. He was always very meticulous.

"Dr. Qin, we don't have enough blood!" The assistant yelled again, which shocked Tom.

"I asked you to collect all the Rh-negative blood in the hospital. Doesn't that suffice? Tom shouted while gaping at the assistant. There was 2, 000cc of blood, but he said it wasn't enough.

"600cc was transferred to another hospital some time ago, and the worker at the blood bank forgot to update the inventory level." The assistant answered with fear.

"Why didn't you tell me that?" Tom closed his eyes in anger. Without blood, his excellent medical skills would be of no use.

"I thought the blood would be enough for the operation, so I didn't tell you. I didn't think Mr. Mu has lost too much blood before he was brought here." The assistant took a look at Tom and quickly lowered his head. He didn't expected that Tom, who had always been cordial, polite and dignified, would lose control of his emotions.

"Damn it! Hurry up and arrange more blood!" This was the first time that Tom had uttered the four-letter word during an operation. Gnashing his teeth in anger, he scowled at everyone present in the room.

"Okay. I will go right away." A nurse immediately walked out of the operating room. She took the blood here, so she had to take some responsibility for the mistake.

As soon as the door of the operating room was opened, the people waiting outside surrounded the nurse.

"Miss, is the operation over?" Daisy asked anxiously.

"Is it over? Is my son all right?" Cynthia was

unhappy childhood.

"No. To be precise, I hurt you. Let's go. Let's go back. It's not the right time to blame anyone." Jonathan wanted to get up, but Cynthia stopped him.

"Lie down. You have just given 800cc of blood. Don't move. If something happens to you, Daisy will not be able to bear it. She may seem strong, but I know she's fragile."

Jonathan wanted to go back despite Cynthia's opposition, but after listening to her reasoning, he obediently laid back down.

"Dr. Qin, the blood is only sufficient for five minutes. Even if we go to the nearest hospital to get the blood, it is estimated that it will take about twenty minutes." The assistant didn't dare to shout again. Instead, he reported calmly.

"Wait a minute. If there is not enough, implement plan B." Tom glanced at the blood bag and continued to concentrate on what he was doing.

"Blood! I got the blood!" The nurse ran in excitedly, with the recently collected blood in her hands. Her words cheered up everyone in the room. The gloomy atmosphere was swept away.

"So fast. Have you confirmed the blood type?" Tom had lost confidence in the staff. After the operation, he would take necessary measures to discipline them, so that they wouldn't be careless and sloppy.

"Yes. It's the patient's father's blood. I have drawn 800cc." With these words, the nurse dexterously suspended the blood bag.

"In that case, we can use the blood." Tom knew Jonathan also had Rh-negative blood, but he didn't expect that he would do this for Edward. As far as he knew, Jonathan didn't like Edward and treated him like a stranger. However, he quickly came to the hospital tonight, and he offered so much of his blood. It was beyond Tom's expectation.

His surprising move had bought a lot of time for Edward. Otherwise, some unforeseen accident might have occurred because of the shortage of blood. As a doctor, it was the last thing that Tom wanted to see.

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