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   Chapter 414 The Warning Lines (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8301

Updated: 2018-11-05 02:28

Meanwhile, Daisy couldn't rest at all. She kept pacing restlessly outside of the surgery room. Heads turned, eyes went wide for her as her clothes were stained with Edward's blood.

"Mrs. Mu, please sit down and rest for a while! I have just called your in laws, I am sure they'll be here in no time." The moment Edward was sent into the OR, Luke immediately called Jonathan. He felt obliged to inform Edward's parents about their son's situation. Jonathan paused for a long time on the phone. Luke could imagine how devastated the old man was when he heard the sad news.

"Luke, Tom is renowned for his extraordinary skills, isn't he?" Daisy felt nervous about the surgery. Although Tom had promised her that he would deliver a sound Edward to her in no time, she still couldn't help thinking about the worst.

"Of course, domestically, he ranks among the top surgeons. However, I don't know what is his reputation across the globe." Luke only cared about Edward, he didn't pay much attention to Edward's friends. Therefore, he couldn't give Daisy an objective review on Tom's medical skills.

"Colonel, have a sip please." Hawkeye gently handed a cup of hot coffee to Daisy. His boss was always a tough woman. Right now, he was not used to seeing her being scared and weak.

"Thank you! You should head back and support them! I will be fine." Daisy took a sip of the coffee to soothe her nerves. Edward was still in danger and she needed to be brave for him. She was also surprised to see Hawkeye's kind gesture. Her soldiers were all tough men who underwent hard training day and night. However, they were also gentle and considerate when they needed to be.

"Yes, Colonel. I will set off now to support them. Please take good care of yourself and don't worry too much. I am sure Edward will be fine." As a special forces soldier, he had faced many critical situations. He was quite indifferent to death itself. However, he was greatly moved by the love between his Colonel and her husband. He couldn't bear to see the sad look on her face.

"Sure. Go ahead! Be safe." Daisy lifted her hand and brushed the loose hair away from her eyes. Her heart and soul were filled with a sorrow and loneliness that encompassed her entire being. It was once Edward's favorite thing, he loved to tidy her hair for her and she enjoyed every bit of his gentle touch. He treated her as the apple of his eye when he moved some of her hair away from her eyes. She knew that was his uni

way too cruel to be deprived of that so soon.

"What's going on, where are all the bodyguards?" Jonathan cast a glance at Luke. He raised his eyebrows in distress. He thought Cynthia was all he could care about in his heart, however it turned out that he cared about his son just as much. The moment he received Luke's call, he felt dizzy. What Luke said to him gave him such a huge blow that he almost passed out.

Deep down, he cared. It was only when he was about to lose him that he realized how much he cherished his son. For years, he thought Edward was just a gift that he gave his wife under her constant begging. Subconsciously, he had always kept his distance from his son. Judging from his reaction today, it was not that simple. He was not that emotionally detached from his son as he thought he would be. He had missed a lot of things in his relationship with his son. The bond seemed much stronger than he had thought. He hated to admit that, for years, he had been taking things for granted. Some feelings were hard to describe and yet he had to face them and make it up to his son as soon as he woke up.

"Dad, I'm terribly sorry. It's my fault. I thought that with the help of Mrs. Mu, I would be able to handle the situation. I never thought things would get that nasty and cause this tragedy." Luke's face turned dark at the thought of the bodyguards. He blamed himself for not training them as efficiently as he should have. They didn't get there until the fighting was done. Edward was already wounded by then, therefore their arrival appeared ridiculously useless. He just hoped that Tom could salvage things where he had failed.

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