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   Chapter 411 Edward Got Shot (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6807

Updated: 2018-11-05 00:35

"Shut the fuck up! Trying to play innocent now? Innocent my ass!" A special trooper grabbed Hawk tightly, and kicked him forcefully in the butt.

"Are you saying that you are weak? Did you feel that when you were trying to kill us? Don't you see that you are outnumbering us. You talk about ethics when you are weak, and throw ethics to the wind when you're strong." Raising her eyebrows, Daisy glared at Hawk mockingly. The expression in her eyes was disdainful.

"Bah! They say Colonel Daisy Ouyang won her position through her own strength and military prowess, but I don't believe it for a second. If you want to convince me, you'll have to beat me one on one, "

Retorted Hawk, changing the topic completely. Sneering wryly to Daisy, he cast a evil glance at her as he spoke. As he couldn't have Daisy, he felt more itchy for her. Especially when she was so close to him, he was even more hell-bent to have her in his bed.

"How dare you! Do you think you're worthy enough to challenge her? Know your place, scum! You have to go through me first!" snapped Hawkeye. He went over and grabbed Hawk by his collar. Beneath Hawkeye's face paint was a face darkened in anger.

"Fuck you! Why do I have to beat you first? I want to fight Colonel Daisy!" Hawk spat at Hawkeye as he spoke, making a defiant mockery of him.

Hawkeye was enraged. He threatened, "Be quiet, scum! One more word, I'll shoot you on the spot. Don't spit on me, fartknocker!" Gnashing his teeth, he hit Hawk in the jaw with the gun's stock, eyes burning with fury. Hawk was knocked to the ground.

"What? You want to shoot me just because you're pissed? How dare you kill an innocent citizen at will! What an awful soldier you are!" Hawk started yelling dramatically, with unprecedented exaggeration and shamelessness. He was a much better actor than Edward.

"Step aside, Hawkeye. If he wants to have a taste of my iron fist, I can grant his request. How can I be so heartless as to refuse his death wish?"

Daisy suddenly ordered, gesturing Hawkeye t

forceful blow landed on Hawk's eye hard.

Hawk groaned in pain. As he was hit, he became more cautious, daring not to underestimate his pretty opponent. However, although he paid great attention to Daisy's movements, he still failed to follow her. This time, Daisy didn't punch his wounded face, but instead, she stepped on the tree trunk to steady herself, then jumped up, and rotated in the air, and landed, kicking him with all her strength. Before he could respond, her fist also swung violently and hit him hard on the chest. Hawk winced in pain, but at the chance, Daisy kicked him again in the knee, and brought him to the ground.

"Well fought! Colonel! Colonel! Colonel!" Chanted the special soldiers who were present. They all cheered at the sight of their colonel beating the gangster up.

Edward was also daunted by her elegant and efficient moves. It turned out that her skills in martial arts were better than he thought. Did it mean that when they fought with each other for fun, she wasn't fighting with her true strength, but gave in to him on purpose? His "winning" her in fights was merely a fluke...

"What do you say, Hawk? Have I proved myself?" Panting, Daisy looked down at Hawk triumphantly. Although her face was as blank as always, in the depths of her eyes, there was a wonderful light, dazzling and incomparably bright.

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