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   Chapter 410 He Fantasized About Sex with You (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6605

Updated: 2018-11-05 00:47

"Sorry! Are you okay?" Edward bit his lip in anger. Although he was a polite gentleman, he would go mad when it came to matters concerning Daisy. He was even unable to think like a normal person.

"I am fine. Don't do that again. Don't pay attention to what he said. It's just talk. He cannot rape me with his imagination," Daisy rolled her eyes while speaking with Edward furiously. Due to his recklessness, they must have exposed themselves now. It would be more difficult for them to deal with those gangsters.

"But he fantasized about sex with you. I can't let him live." Edward said furiously. If they were in a safer place, Edward would have pushed Daisy down on the bed for her contemptuous attitude just now. He liked to punish Daisy with his kisses and caresses for every arrogant thing that she did.

"Hmm..." Edward's jealousy delighted Daisy. She had been tense since the beginning of the fight. However, Edward's childish remarks struck her as funny. She flashed him a brilliant smile for the first time tonight. When she raised her head to glance at the sky, she noticed a ray of purple light shimmering in the air. Daisy could not help but laugh heartily, as the Falcon soldiers were coming.

The purple light was a special sign for all Falcon members. Only Falcon soldiers could recognize this encrypted sign and decipher its meaning. Even the commander had no way to understand it.

"Hold on. Just in ten minutes, everything will be fine here." Daisy's eyes swept around the surroundings. She finally let out a sigh of relief after seeing the Falcon soldiers who were secretly surrounding the area.

"Colonel Ouyang, are you okay?" A Falcon soldier in camouflage coat suddenly appeared. It was so unexpected that he seemed as though he were a ghost from under the ground.

"We're all fine. Hawkeye, are all of you here?" Daisy said with a frown. She didn't think that even Hawkeye would come here to their rescue. Didn't Major General make a f

to keep quiet even if he was captured. He roared dirty words at Daisy when he saw her.

"We're fine. We are so lucky that you arrived here in time." Daisy looked around the surroundings, and then gazed at Hawk who had yelled and dreamed of bedding with her. She sneered. But Hawk was a loser worthy of no her feelings, even contempt. Daisy showed him her cold face, saying nothing, and then left.

"I'm hard to kill." Edward always behaved slovenly and casually in front of Kevin. Although he was terribly disheveled, he still retained an air of nobility. The noble quality was deeply ingrained in his blood.

"Help! These soldiers..." Hawk spat the words, "killed people! I will report your crime to the court. You killed so many innocent people. Dare to take a single combat with me? Alone? You're only capable of bullying the weak." Vile people could never get rid of their vile qualities. People like Hawk, were the most shameless bastards among them. He, of course, knew that his men had outnumbered the Falcon soldiers to a large extent. He initiated the fighting and intended to kill each and everyone of them. He was a criminal. But the criminal was shameless enough to distort the truth. He seemed like a thief who was yelling "Catch the thief!" when he was arrested by the police. Hawk was despicable.

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