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   Chapter 409 He Fantasized About Sex with You (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7098

Updated: 2018-11-05 00:33

Michelle smiled in embarrassment when her guard shouted at her. She threw a stone at him to catch his attention. When the guard spun, ready to speak, Michelle put her forefinger to her lips to hush him up. Then she made gestures to show that she was fine and that they should actually stop what they were doing and hide.

Michelle was by no means an easy-going girl. Irritated by Luke's rude conduct toward her moments ago, she began to find fault with him. It seemed she had forgotten what Daisy had told her. Michelle said to Luke in an angry tone, "Well, you... should apologize to me."

In contrast to Daisy's tolerance to Michelle, Luke was savage in the way he treated this naughty girl. He slapped her without hesitation. It was so fierce that Michelle passed out. He seemed to have no sympathy for any girl. He was really cold-hearted in giving Michelle such a heavy slap. What a rude monster!

Edward gave Luke a thumb-up approvingly for his brave conduct. At this critical moment, Luke seemed to be the only man who was fearless and decisive enough to take action against a capricious girl. However, Edward wondered what kind of hell Luke would catch when she woke up. Probably too much hell, but too much fun for the rest of the group. To be frank, Edward longed for that moment a lot.

Daisy's lip curled to show a trace of disapproval. Although Michelle was behaving improperly, she was a tender, pretty young girl. Luke didn't consider this at all, and slapped her to show his displeasure with her actions. It seemed he wasn't willing to spend time and energy in understanding a woman. If this was how Luke treated all women, he'd probably find himself perpetually single in the end. And even if anyone would marry him in the future, she'd probably get angry with his attitude all the time.

"It's quiet now." Luke noticed that Daisy and Edward were looking at him because of his audacious behavior, so he curled his lips to force himself to smile. But his attempt only turned out to be futile. Actually, he felt no guilt for slapping Michelle. He could not smile sincerely enough to defuse the tense situ

re. Hawk had, of course, vowed to take revenge for his arrest. So he waited after his escape from prison. He must sleep with the beautiful colonel before he ended her life. But he had never imagined that his men were so stupid. They couldn't find Daisy and capture her.

As Hawk had already issued the order, everyone had to obey it. They all rushed out from behind their hiding places. Hawk's closest bodyguards joined the fight as well.

"Shit. It seems they want to kill all of us. What do you think?" Daisy was calm and cool all the time. But she began to feel nervous while seeing those gangsters rushing towards them. The bullets whizzed past their ears and whooshed into the brush behind them.

"Listen to me. You must capture that female colonel alive. How can I sleep with a dead woman?" Although Hawk was a lecher by nature, he was not a necrophilia man.

"Fuck! You've sealed your fate, bastard!" Edward got irrigated again by Hawk's remarks. He cared nothing about the distance between him and the enemy. He raised his gun, aimed at one of the gangsters, and shot.

"Edward, quit wasting bullets and protect yourself!" Daisy turned to pull down Edward, who was shooting at the enemies in fury. No sooner had they hid themselves than several bullets were shot into the tree behind Edward where he had stood just now. It was so dangerous and so lucky. Daisy felt her body drenched in cold sweats.

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