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   Chapter 408 The Harley Girl (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6021

Updated: 2018-11-05 00:23

"Well! Isn't it just a prop? Who would be scared of that? Old man, you look like a fool to me. And you're trying to make me look like a fool too, " said the girl. She was supercilious towards him and did not consider the big gun in his hand as something terrible at all. The pock-marked man was irritated so much by her arrogance that he fired a shot beside her feet.

"Ouch! Oh my god! It's a real gun! So you are actually using a real gun while shooting a movie?" The girl was frightened so much that she lept away, and then tried to put some distance between him and her. She stared at the gun in the pock-marked man's hand with fear in her eyes. The gun was still smoking, and the faint smell of gunpowder wafted through the air.

"It seems that they are not shooting a movie now, Miss. Take a look, there are no cameras." A cool man followed her. He came close to her and whispered. Meanwhile, he put his hand into the pocket of his suit as if he was trying to take something out.

"Well, well! Uh, it seems we went in the wrong direction just now. No, we are sleepwalking now. So you can just ignore us. Go on, please! ... Please. You idiots, just run!" Just then, the girl took to her heels and ran into the bushes. Oh my God! Did she happen to run into a real gunfight? Just took a look at those big guns in their hands! They were much better and more advanced than the ones her Dragon Faction had. Fight if you can, run away if you cannot. That was her motto. So she escaped away immediately when she found something unusual. Only a fool would still stay there and wait for bullets.

What a dramatic scene! Daisy and others were hiding themselves and they saw everything. If they were not trapped in danger now, they would definitely treat it as a comedy. However, their situation was seri

n't shut up. Instead of keeping quiet, she just continued going on and on about Daisy. Her eyes were full of excitement.

Daisy could not help twitching the corners of her mouth heavily. If possible, she really wanted to slap her until she fainted with all her strength before she told her everything. They were now in great danger. She did not think about it at all, and even started to give away their position by opening her mouth.

If it happened in an ordinary situation, Edward would definitely feel pleased to hear other praise his little wife so much. However, he was thinking the same as Daisy. How he wished to slap her unconscious! But he remembered that her appearance had bought some time for them and they got out of the troublesome moment. So he decided he would just accept it and keep quiet.

"Mish, right? What I need you to do is very simple. You just keep silent. You can say as much as you like and no one will interrupt you -- after we solve our current problem."

Daisy frowned. Then she aimed and fired again. An enemy was killed and fell down, and you could hear his painful scream. Daisy was excellent at both sniper and pistol. And it was going to be a long night.

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