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   Chapter 407 The Harley Girl (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7022

Updated: 2018-11-04 08:59

One shot, one dead. Almost every sniper should be capable of this. Daisy was a maestro of military skill. So it was a piece of cake for her.

She fired five shots continuously and hit her targets with each bullet. She was just an amazing sniper! One would hardly guess that a lady would have such a masterful sniping style. But Daisy had that and more. And she was a female high-ranking military officer, to boot!

"Shit. How come the snipers are everywhere? Where the hell are our snipers?" Though these desperadoes were used to the fugitive life, their hearts were stricken with fear when seeing their confederates fall suddenly in front of them. They stopped and dared not to step any further. They were scared that they too would earn a bullet for their indiscretion.

The corners of Daisy's mouth turned up slightly. She trained her gun on the next target. She was not a killer. However, being kind to your enemies sometimes is the same as being cruel to yourself. She always kept this principle in her mind. Therefore, the more dangerous the situation got, the crueler she should become to avoid being killed by others.

The hiding place is extremely important to professional shooters. Once they are discovered by the sniper of the other party, they either change their hiding spot, or die. And Daisy knew it well. So she would carefully watch her surroundings to see whether she was noticed by others or not each time after she fired. Once she felt that she was exposed, she would leave without any hesitation.

A sparking bullet whistled past Daisy's ear once again. 'Oh, bad!' Daisy thought to herself, 'I'm exposed. Fortunately he doesn't know the exact spot. That's the only reason I'm still alive. Damn! I have to be more careful!'

But even it was a minor mistake, Daisy took advantage of it and shot back successfully. Her target groaned and then fell down. She hit the target with deadly accuracy. And she broke out in a cold sweat as well. She could do this all day, except for the fact that they were running low on ammo.

"Let's move." said Edward. He figured out that she w

to go find that guy! Though the bike was stolen by us, he was misleading us with a defective bike first. We could have been killed!" Several men in black shouted their agreement with the girl. They did not care about the danger surrounding them at all.

"Yeah, you're right. I am not bad at driving a motorbike. It's the bike that is wrong and caused this mess, " said the girl as if she was redefining reality. And she was blaming anyone but herself. And anyone could tell that what happened today was definitely not for the first time.

"What The Fuck? Are you fucking blind? What are we to you? Dead?" The man with a scar on his face lost his temper and yelled loudly at first. Looking at these people who were ignoring them completely, he got extremely angry.

"Uh! I'm sorry! I forget that you are here. But what are you doing here at night? Shooting a movie? What's the name of it? Probably 'Midnight Ghosts'?" The girl raised her beautiful face and a flash of interest and willingness was shining in her eyes.

"'Midnight Ghosts', that's not bad. Little girl, you know what? Our boss will definitely please you later on. God knows that a female military officer is not enough, so he sent another little girl to our boss?" A man with a pock-marked face said with a lewd smile and shook the gun in his hand in front of the girl, trying to frighten her. Her scream would make him happy.

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