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   Chapter 406 An Expert Sniper

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9344

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"Don't worry. I trained for this in military school." Daisy knew that Edward worried about her. She would do the same if Edward were in her position. They both cared a lot about each other.

"Promise me: stay safe. If not for your own sake, at least do it for me. Be careful, "

Edward urged, his eyes full of concern and affection. Yet Daisy suddenly jumped out just after he finished his words. She was as quick as a viper's strike that no one ever saw her. Not even Edward who sat beside her had expected her sudden and fast action.

But she was right. She was trained for this. She wrapped herself in a coat, assessed the angle, opened the door, and she was out, rolling. She got up and trotted up the hill with no time to check her grazed skin. As much as she had used all her skills, she still moved slower than usual due to the inconvenient outfit. That was a performance gap she didn't want to see.

Yet she was also aware that she had no time left to mourn this painful disparity. At this moment, time meant life. She found a vantage point to set up the rifle.

She set up the sniper rifle, got down on the ground, found the target, pulled back the bolt, and got loaded. With the target aimed at and all other factors calculated, she adjusted her breath, then squeezed the trigger. Her moves were smooth and skilled. The bullet she fired hit the driver of the leading car in the head.

She was bold and quick. After her first target was down, she now moved onto the next car. With the curl of finger, she shot out the second bullet right into the moving car.

"Crap. There's an expert sniper hiding somewhere. Relay that to the boss, " said a man in the car that was about to lose control and hit the tree beside the road. But his reasonable analysis was too late. Their car ran into the tree and died, so did the men in the car.

Daisy curled her lips and formed a cruel smile. Yet she dare not underestimate her rivals. She was good, but someone else in the group could be just as good -- or better. She picked up the rifle and moved to a different firing position.

"Mr. Mu, are you alright?" Edward followed Daisy's instructions and parked his car in a more secluded spot. But even so, Luke still found where he was by the dim light from the streetlamp.

"I'm okay. Go find a place for us to fight back." Edward sneered and ran into the bushes beside with guns in both hands.

See that Edward was all safe and sound, Luke also entered the grove with both a gun and diamond-shaped darts which could kill people in short distance without making any noise.

"Fuck! Where are they? They flee so fast." Daisy had climbed up the hill at full speed, yet two cars still escaped before she started shooting.

"Be careful. I saw the car light go off over there. So they must

get here, " Luke said. They deserved to be arms dealers. The weapons they used were all superb and advanced. Besides, the gang outnumbered Edward and Luke, thus turning them from offense to defense.

The moment Luke finished his words, the man nearest to him had been shot dead and the bullet aimed at him now flew to the sky. The man collapsed on the ground.

"Watch out!" Daisy's elusive figure slipped to their side. The smoking gun in her hand told them that it was her that shot the man dead -- and saved Luke's life.

"Thank you, Mrs. Mu, " Luke knew that he had been too careless just then. If not for Daisy, he would have been seriously injured, or even worse, become a corpse. He needed to stay alive, if only to protect Edward.

"Honey, are you alright?" Edward was thrilled to see that Daisy was all safe. But his heart instantly fell when he saw the blood on her face. She was a mess, so she must have tussled with those arms dealers at close range.

"I'm okay. Now quick! Behind the hill! I need to set a sniper point there. Hurry!" Daisy felt so lucky that she knew all about this city, its terrain in particular, only because she could find out the best shooting points there so quickly.

With the bright Moon, they could see clearly what the gang members were doing. And the gang's car lights actually made them more visible in the dark night.

"Is it heavy?" Edward felt so bad that Daisy had to carry such a heavy rifle, yet he couldn't help her carry it. For snipers, the rifle must be brought with them. So he just looked at her affectionately.

"I'm used to it. Come on, find your hiding place." Just like Edward thought, by the time Luke and him had found decent hiding places, Daisy had set up the rifle, got down, aimed at the target, loaded and shot. She did all these in mere handful of seconds. She was quick and smooth.

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