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   Chapter 405 This Woman Is So Cool. I Like Her. (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5338

Updated: 2018-11-04 05:07

"Bullshit, she's just a woman. Piece of cake. Besides, we have a lot more people than they do. It's impossible for them to get away from us." A freckle-faced man talked confidently. He didn't think Daisy was a tough woman to deal with. He only thought Daisy was good at shooting, and there was nothing more of her than that. So he didn't fear her.

"Don't forget the number of the stars on her epaulet. Anyone with such a high position in the army must have earned it the hard way and is worthy of the title. Don't underestimate her." Boss was boss. Even though he could be lecherous sometimes, he was still calm and resourceful on important occasions. As for Colonel Ouyang...... 'Well, I'm glad we bumped into each other this soon, ' thought the arms dealer, who was very excited to meet Daisy again.

"So what? Even if she has many stars on her epaulet, we can still deal with her easily. We have a lot more people on our side." A man with a long scar on his face disagreed with his boss's cautiousness. He sneered at Daisy. To him, a woman was no one to fear.

"You're right. Boss, don't admire her too much. We can't underestimate ourselves in front of a woman. I've fought for many years. I can guarantee from my experience that we'll get her tonight and give her to you as a sex partner." Judging from the confidence in their conversation, they were not normal gangsters. It seemed that the minions who had been killed just now were nothing to them. They probably hadn't showed what they were truly capable of yet.

If Daisy had known what these guys were fantasizing, she would have pi

will be careful. Watch out for yourself, too. I'll slow down when you're ready to jump." Edward glanced around, and quickly spotted the slope Daisy had mentioned.

"Don't slow down, or you'll draw our enemies' attention. Maintain your speed." Daisy knew why Edward offered to slow down the car. But there was nothing for Edward to worry, as jumping out of a moving car meant nothing for a well-trained woman like Daisy. She just needed to use her skills to keep her from being hurt.

"But you'll put yourself in more danger in that way. I must slow down the car." Edward couldn't agree with Daisy as he was too concerned about her safety. He was driving the whole night and couldn't do anything but watch Daisy risk herself shooting and avoiding bullets in the gunfight. His fright grew with each dangerous situation he saw Daisy put herself in. But he tried his best not to express his concerns since he worried that his anxious attitude might influence her. That was why Edward had forced himself not to think about the possibility that Daisy might get shot.

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