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   Chapter 404 This Woman Is So Cool. I Like Her. (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6372

Updated: 2018-11-04 05:07

"Nice shot. Be careful." Edward admired Daisy's boldness. He helped Daisy by paying close attention to what was going on behind their car.

"OK! Drive safely. They're firing back." Daisy squinted her eyes and aimed at one car behind them. Before the pursuers were able to squeeze their triggers, Daisy shot their car. Since Edward was driving too fast, Daisy missed the shot. "Clank", the bullet hit the steel hood of the car with a spark.

Daisy reacted quickly to her mistake. She turned around fast and sat in the car before she closed the door. She did it rapidly, unconcerned about the shot she missed. She was as cool as ice.

"Clank!" The pursuers took their shot. The bullet hit the door as soon as Daisy closed it. It all happened so fast that Edward's heart almost stopped. That was too close. If anything happened to her...

The brakes screeched as the pursuers' car stopped. With a massive sound of cars crashing into each other, Daisy was sure that the shot she had taken again hit the target.

"Drift. Don't drive in a straight line, or they'll easily shoot our tires."

Coldness reflected in Daisy's eyes. She frowned as she saw the situation behind them through the rear-view mirror. There were many more cars than Daisy had expected. This was why Daisy and Edward found it hard to get rid of the pursuers.

"Yes, my love." Edward was confident in his driving skills. Even though he couldn't drive as good as Daisy did, he still drove so much better than most drivers.

"Oh no. Luke's surrounded by those thugs. Slow down. Let Luke keep up with us. Or tell him to change lanes at the next crossing. We need to keep him away from the gunfight. Since I'm the main target, the pursuers won't chase Luke."

Then Daisy rolled down the window. Without hesitation, she pulled the trigger at the person who kept shooting at them in a Passat. After a clear clank, the bullet went through

void the gunshot and drive close to them.

"OK! I saw his car. I can help him get rid of the pursuers. Edward, Help me." Daisy exchanged a look with Edward. Edward knew what she wanted to do. He quickly spun the car around for Daisy to open the door. Daisy grabbed the door with her right hand to support her body and stuck her top half out of the car to shoot the cars chasing after Luke. "Blam! Blam!" After a few shots, Daisy successfully diverted the pursuers' attention from Luke to her.

"Holy shit, this woman is so cool. I like her." In a Rolls-Royce Phantom that was chasing after Luke, the person who led and started the chase saw Daisy and drooled over her beauty. He began to fantasize how Daisy would look in bed with him.

"Boss, we'll catch her and throw her into your bed." One of the minions knew that their boss was interested in the arrogant and skillful woman in the car in front of them. He quickly offered something to flatter the boss.

"Well, then you'll have to try hard. That woman is like a wildcat. She can not be easily dealt with." The arms dealer was not old and even looked a little bit handsome. But the dirty smile on his face ruined his appearance and made him look terrible. He left the impression of a morally corrupt person.

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