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   Chapter 402 Sniper Rifle AS50 (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6402

Updated: 2018-11-04 00:22

"We were negligent. He intentionally went out looking for a fight, and was mauled by a group of gangsters. He was seriously injured by the beating, and later sent to the hospital for treatment. But he was secretly taken away by someone at the hospital."

The warden felt a shiver down his spine when he received Kevin's cold and ruthless stare. It seemed that Major General was more intimidating than the Commander, the warden thought.

"Obviously, he is a dangerous man, you should have known that, why weren't there any precautions to prevent his escape? Do you know how much effort we put into catching him?"

Kevin raised his eyebrows, the cold and intimidating stare swept over their faces, making them tremble.

"Sorry! This is our blunder. We will write a report for self-reflection." ?The Chief of Public Security immediately admitted their mistake. He was quite responsive now.

"Okay, it's not the right time to find out who is to blame. General Major, you'll handle this task from now on. You must catch them all this time."

The Commander was a veteran who had been in thousands of battles, he soon resumed his cool and quickly gave the orders.

"Yes, sir, I guarantee I will complete this mission, " Kevin said, saluting sharply.

"Okay, go then. Don't forget to notify Daisy about this situation and remind her to be prepared." The Commander's words echoed Kevin's thoughts precisely. Daisy's identity as a Colonel and her title as the wife of the CEO of FX International Group made her an obvious target of the criminal.

"I'll get going right now." As soon as he finished his words, he turned around to leave. When he saw the two officers standing there with their eyes looking at their toes, he paused and said, "You'd better pray that nothing bad happened, otherwise, besides the garrison headquarter, the FX International Group alone will skin you, and make you into shoes."

What K

the car this afternoon. Lucky thing, huh?"

Arms dealers? Edward had never tangled with arms dealers before. He needed to let Luke know. He might need his help. At this thought, he immediately took up his phone and dialed.

"Mr. Mu." Luke's cold voice immediately came through.

"Luke, pay attention. They are arms dealers. You must be careful." Edward sped up and drove to the national highway, the direction Daisy had given to Kevin.

"Okay, Mr. Mu, you be careful, too. I've got my men on this." Luke frowned. Damn it. As nothing special happened recently, he didn't pay any special attention to safeguards. And some bodyguards were sent to watch that asshole Paul, so he didn't have any other bodyguards with them today. He didn't expect that they would encounter the arms dealer. But he remembered they had no connection with such people, why would they be after his boss? Luke wondered.

"Okay." Edward looked at the black BMW coming up on them, he narrowed his dangerous eyes.

"Luke, make way for them, don't intentionally block them, " Daisy interrupted. She turned around to grab the sniper rifle Edward had mentioned.

"Luke, Daisy said you need to make way for them." Although Edward didn't know Daisy's intentions, he passed the message on to Luke.

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